Haven’t read any of my blog posts? Don’t worry, here are short summaries!

Celebrating my 10 post milestone

One purpose of my blog is to encourage readers to go beyond the horrible habit of superficial, skim, useless, spiritually deceptive reading.  Beware! We mustn’t deceive ourselves in thinking we are spiritual just through reading.


The whole growth process occurs absolutely through the hard, laborious effort of implementing what is being read. Whilst reading something can take a week, struggling towards one habit of something we’ve read to see some significant progress can take months. It is much superior to read a little, struggle patiently towards it, experience it, then begin the cycle again. Do not prioritize further reading over deep reading and application!

So in an effort to encourage deeper over superficial reading, here is a summary of all this blog’s posts…

  • Admit it. Isn’t church just sheer boring?: Here I reveal a very deep and significant truth about why we don’t benefit from the liturgy. For readers who have been UNI students, you will enjoy the parallels I drew between the struggles of studying VS the struggles of prayer. It is incredibly difficult to benefit from the liturgy if we don’t have that prayer struggle at home.
  • How to not spiritually wither away in the Holy 50: The Holy 50 may be notoriously known as a period of spiritual dryness that afflicts all Christians after Lent. In this post I debunk the notion that even when the church doesn’t mandate fasting, this certainly does not permit us to sinfully cease fervently striving towards Christ.
  • 3 spiritual life hacks to pluck from Pope Shenouda III:  Listed as one of “the most attended funerals in the world”, this saintly man’s funeral was attended by over one million mourners. Even 3 people were said to have been killed. Here I explore 3 key virtues we can learn from this patriarch: sociability, positivity and solitude.
  • Prayer series: part 1, 2 and 3. Where is that divine comfort in prayer? Why do I feel empty even though I pray? Why do I still feel anxious and confused? This post explores 8 key principles of prayer that will help us pray correctly because many ignorantly do not do this. I also make reference to one of the most integral and simply written Orthodox books of modern-times – The Arena. Have you started reading it??
  • How I think about my priorities for a significantly less stressful life: In this post I detail how I think about my priorities of life for example: family, my spiritual life and Sunday school. In our world with infinite distractions, it is essential to form some sort of mental model of how to think about what’s important in your life. This way you can strongly ensure you are dedicating time to them.
  • The nuts and bolts of reading the lives of the saints: having dissected this post from the next one, it explains important pointers we need to know as to how to study the lives of the saints. Are you reading the lives of the saints daily? Bi-daily? 3 days a week? If not, brother! Begin doing this now!! How can you be Orthodox without this exceedingly inspirational, life-giving reading?!

As St Paul says ,”for not the hearers of the law are just… but the doers of the law…” (Rom. 12:13). Happy deep and regular spiritual reading!

Discussion: Which post did you like the most? Is there any topic you would like me to write about?

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