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If you don’t apply these vital principles, you will continue to suffer work / study stress

Why is this in an Orthodox Christian blog?

For one to rapidly and wholeheartedly seek their personal sanctification and growth in Orthodox holiness, I believe that spiritual seeker can benefit exceedingly in learning how to manage their time and self really well. This is most especially necessary in our world of digital distraction which not only detours us horribly from God, but also makes us less productive citizens for our country.


Unknown to a lot people, there exists impressive techniques to boost ones productivity and ability to manage their time, tasks and self to such a remarkable extent. There are people who have educated themselves so much in the art of productivity and personal management that they simply no longer suffer work stress. Using secular educational sources, they have developed advanced mental techniques that make them kings at completing tasks.

Elder Joseph the Hescyhast, a revered modern-day Greek elder wrote:

One man’s struggle, with knowledge and spiritual perception that lasts one day, has the same value as another man’s struggle, who struggles negligently without knowledge for fifty years.”

It’s the same thing in a secular sense.

One hour of work by those who skills themselves in productivity is like 5 hours of work of those who have little education on how to be productive.

Read regularly. Measure improvement via habit formation.

I recommend you set 15 mins of time aside each day to read personal management / productivity / time management articles. If you don’t do so, you will voluntarily lose many hours of your life due to simply performing your work inefficiently and unintelligently.

Instead of working harder, read, so you can work smarter and be happier! It will absolutely give you more peace and joy in your God-given occupation or studies.

Furthermore, try to think that instead of using the count of how many articles you’ve read as a metric for productivity improvement, it is better to use the formation of new habits one by one as a stronger metric. It’s better to read one article and develop 5 new habits mentioned in it (this takes time!), than to be happy you read 5 articles and you implement only one habit from all their content.


So here are some very valuable articles that have really helped me feel more productive day-by-day…

Create peace externally first

All the saints were remarkable in the way they managed themselves and time or else they wouldn’t have been able to help so many people.

If we are to more fully pursue Christ, let us foster peace within ourselves by excelling at managing external things. Thus this will make it easier for us to pursue the true and deep peace that originates internally – that blessed peace which comes through devoting ourselves to unceasing prayer to the Lord Christ.


What’s one productivity technique you find really useful?


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