How to use technology to deepen your spiritual life, not worsen it (Part 2)

This blog is a follow on from part 1, which I wrote a few months back. It deals with an amazing software called evernote that has immensely helped me in my spiritual life. I hope you find this edifying.

How I use evernote

Some of the things I use evernote for are…


  • Maintaining a prayer list: this way I never forget to pray for anyone who asks me to pray for them. I place a 3 week limit for each person who asks me to pray for them.
  • Inbox for my thoughts and ideas: whenever I have a good idea, I type it into a note I called  “thoughts”. Usually ideas come into your mind at random times i.e. when praying, being in a very relaxed state, lying on your bed, etc. It’s really hard to remember the ideas unless I write it down. Over 50% of my spiritual activities are born through stray ideas I saved into this note.
  • Saving, categorising and reading spiritual literature very deeply: this includes short saints’ sayings and memes that I copy from facebook spiritual pages as well as other sources. I have over > 1300 saved primarily from facebook. It also includes lengthy articles such as general spiritual instructional ones, the lives of the saints, church news, secular personal development content or just any edifying work written by trusted sources. I do this via the chrome extension “evernote web clipper” which allows you to very neatly save articles, especially using the “simplified article” option. Believe me when I say, there is no better tool that exists to thoroughly digest any online information and transform your life  than to save it on evernote using this clipper.
  • A “confession” note: I use this to record my sins so I don’t go to confession empty handed failing to recall my faults.
  • Rulebook/spiritual diary: this is used to help me record and drill in life rules and lessons I repeatedly learn in life, both spiritual and non. For example: don’t drink coffee past 4 pm! It can also be thought of a repentance diary, or habit tracker of some sort.
  • Blogging and facebook posts: writing up my blog posts, maintaining blog post ideas, planning for my blog’s development, etc.
  • Keeping a list of my goals and priorities: including the next actions, my motivations, a progress report and random notes for achieving a goal. I use this awesome template from Michael Hyatt.

Evernote may seem like a personal hardcopy diary. But it’s way more than that! That’s because the content on it is so much more likely to be read through again and again due to being available on the cloud where you can access your content on your smartphone. Additionally you can continously clean it up to make it look appealing.

Evernote may seem like a personal hardcopy diary. But it’s way more than that!

So let us stop using technology to turn us into disbelieving, entertainment addicted heathens. But rather to help us become more zealous, holier Orthodox Christians. That’s what I strive to do.

Discussion: What piece of technology do you find most useful in your spiritual life?

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