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Bishoy is cured of autism!

Mrs Hayam Nessim Khela from Cairo writes: We had our son Bishoy on 1/11/2005. We were happy with him as he was our only son after two girls. Like any father, my husband Adel had high hopes for him, planning to pass his business onto Bishoy in the future. Bishoy was completely normal for his first eight months, whereupon he did not make any movement or utter any words like babies his age. This continued till he was one and a half, Bishoy also failing to respond to anyone calling his name.

Upon seeing a pediatric psychiatrist, Bishoy was diagnosed with less than severe autism. His symptoms involved him constantly crying and he’d often be sick due to weak immunity. Hearing about this, I broke down and couldn’t believe the report. Taking him to another pediatric psychologist he confirmed the diagnosis of autism. I burst into tears feeling deeply depressed and sad.

Trying to live with the situation, I heard about the miracles of Tamav Erene and St Abu Seifein. In September 2007 I came to the convent of St Abu Seifein in Old Cairo and prayed in the church of the Martyr Abu Seifein. I entered the shrine of Tamav Erini and put Bishoy on top of her coffin. I was asking for their blessing and crying with tears while telling them, “I have faith that you would pray on his behalf and God can cure him”.

At home I prayed unceasingly for the intercessions of Tamav Erene and the martyr. I slept feeling sure that heaven would intercede. In my sleep I dreamt of Tamav and she told me “fear not”. I woke up feeling peaceful and confident that something would happen. On the very same day of my dream, Bishoy uttered the names of his sisters, Dina and Yustina; I put in front of him cubes and he put them together; we sat for lunch and Bishoy ate with us rice, molkheya and chicken, having never eaten with us before or even whilst he was awake as I had to feed him whilst he was sleeping. It was as if I was watching a different child and that my son had been replaced by another child. Thus God was glorified and Bishoy was totally cured of his autism.

Ref: shortened and edited from “Tamav Erene: A monastic life kindled with love at the feet of Christ” (book 3), p. 158-161

Below is a video of Mother Erini’s shrine. A great blessing. Oh what a great source of joy it was for me when I went there! In both recent trips I took to Egypt, I visited her monastery more than once. On one occasion I spent 1 hr in her shrine then went out and treated myself to some coffee. Oh what extreme happiness!

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