Lyrics for saint praises



  • Fr Faltaous El Sorianni



  • Tamav Erini: doxology 1
  • (coming) Tamav Erini: doxology 2
  • (coming) Tamav Erini: doxology 3




Fr Faltaous El Sorianni (I made this one)

O star of Sorianni monastery
O holy and ascetic one
You excelled in the spiritual life
Peniot Fr Faltaous

You were born into a righteous family
Your parents paid great detail
to carefully pass to you holy Orthodoxy
Peniot Fr Faltaous

You had a heavenly voice
You spent your childhood deeply memorizing
the church hymns and psalms
Peniot Fr Faltaous

You were always carefully studying
The holy scriptures and saint lives
Imitating their unceasing praying and fasting
Peniot Fr Faltaous

From your great struggle in your youth
A strong monastic desire germinated
And so you became a monk
Peniot Fr Faltaous

You were very strict upon yourself
Fasting daily till evening
Performing 300 metanias per night
Peniot Fr Faltaous

You prayed many long hours
every single day
And also the Jesus Prayer continually
Peniot Fr Faltaous

You faced many trials
sorrows, sufferings and illnesses
Warring the devil face to face
Peniot Fr Faltaous

Hence you teach and show us
what the narrow path and true Orthodoxy
looks exactly like
Peniot Fr Faotaus

Because you became a saint
you were the friend of the other saints
such as St Mary, Pope Kyrillos and St Mina
Peniot Fr Faltaous

By the end of your life
you acquired so many virtues
People thought you looked like Christ
Peniot Fr Faltaous

God gave you the gift of performing miracles
Casting out demons and healing illnesses
And solving unsolvable problems
Peniot Fr Faltaous

Thus many people sought refuge in you
You allleviated their depression
and their anxieties
Peniot Fr Faltaous

Even after your repose
Many visit your holy shrine
And you help them miraculously
Peniot Fr Faltaous




Tamav Erini – doxology 1

I start with longing,
to honour with hymns,
Tamav Erene the golden lampstand,
of the Holy Church.

The wise virgin,
the saint clothed with purity
our chaste Tamav Irene,
the bride of Christ

The one who has become,
a guide to us,
and a harbour of salvation,
and who fulfilled the sayings of our Good Saviour.

You were exalted O faithful one,
Tamav Erene the saint,
who has become a merciful mother,
and who loved the compassionate Christ.

Rejoice O true bride,
who has become,
an altar for the Holy Spirit,
since Her childhood.

Truly blessed are you,
our saintly and loved Mother
because you renounced this vain world,
and worthless money.

Rejoice our Mother the Saint,
who bowed herself down,
in prayers and vigils,
for the saving of our souls.

We honour you with joy,
O bride of the Bridegroom,
our Tamav Erene,
Mother Superior loved by Christ.

Of her exalted virtues,
and angelic purity,
O God gives us a share,
with the righteous and faithful.

Hail to your grave,
filled with grace,
hail to your holy body from which,
comes the cure of all diseases.

Hail to you O saint,
hail to you O pure one,
hail to you O ascetic,
the bride of the Master.

Pray to the Lord on our behalf,
O Christ’s bride,
Tamav Erene the saint,
that He may forgive us our sins.


Reference: Tamav Erene – the Jewel of heaven and the beacon of monasticism (book 1 out of 7) pages 155 – 157. You can find this book of one of the most saintliest nuns of modern times perhaps over here or at a local Coptic Orthodox parish.