Why do I have secular material here? Because a very discerning Christian can easily perceive what is good material that can be utilised from secular sources. Such discernment can only come over time by fortifying yourself with the foundations of true Orthodoxy through the regular study of the writings and lives of saints and holy people. This will teach someone how to discriminate between content from other sources as useful or bad.

In this sense, the Christian can borrow the good stuff from secular resources whilst strongly ignoring the bad things they find there that misalign with Orthodox teachings. I’ve seen this very concept of utilizing useful things from secular sources in the teachings of some saints and in some of their life stories.

So here are some great secular articles I really benefited from…

Three secular websites which help me develop time management, organizational, productivity, mental thinking, planning and personal development skills are


Read these sources with great discernment whilst being well grounded in Orthodox foundations because they contain anti-Christian concepts. Use the good, ignore the bad.