My entire collection of deeply Orthodox sermons are here.


Begin with these ones…

  • The life of Tunt Samira Doherty (1941 – 2015): a talk from the co-parishioners of this saintly elderly woman in a Coptic church in California. Pope Kyrillos visited her numerous times, she saw saints and archangels during the mass, was a woman of prayer and fasting, would call up her parishioners and tell them what happened during their day without them telling her anything; and more.
  • Reflection on the Life and Virtues of St. Pope Kyrillos (Fr Kyrillos Ibrahim): a lot of nice stories and miracles of St Kyrillos VI contemplated upon.
  • Pope Kyrillos VI: A man of prayer (Fr Daniel Fanous): the most detailed English talk about Pope Kyrillos VI by Fr Daniel Fanous. Information is revealed about the pope that is not available in books such as he became homeless at times when he was evicted out of his monastery! Fr Daniel is doing a PHD on St Kyrillos and will publish probably the most detailed publication about him. This is also available on youtube here as a video recording of when the talk was given. (my favorite source of Orthodox talks so far)

  • Talks for sale
  • Some free talks

These talks are given by a Greek Orthodox monk based in Sydney Australia. These talks are incredibly good. It is like reading the lives of the saints but much more effective because Priestmonk Kosmas offers his eloquent contemplations on the lives of these typically modern-day saints and just how they relate to our lives. For the lives of the saints are off course tremendously useful, relatable, instructive and necessary for our salvation.

Some of his talks are titled, “Talk 03 Can We Be Called Orthodox Christians Without Reading the Lives of the Saints” and “Talk 15 The Life of Elder Paisios of Mount Athos”  and “Talk 19 The Life of Elder Porphyrios of Greece v2”.

I have 7 of his talks in the link which I downloaded for free from There are many more talks there are but you need to pay for them. I’ll probably purchase a lot of them in the near future. Listen to the free ones for now and if you like it buy some.

As a side note, he sometimes speaks really strongly which I’m not a fan off.


Ancient faith radio

Folders include:

  • Elder Paisios: contains talks given by Fr Peter Albeen Heers – a greek priest. He is much like priestmonk Kosmas in his exposition of the life of elder paisios as he strives to relate it to the average lay person. Cotains 2 talks.
  • Fr Seraphim Rose: contains a 3 part series about this blessed man. I haven’t listened to it for a while so I think it might be a little boring. But it’s about a recent holy man, it can’t be that boring.
  • St John Maximovitch: contains a 6 part series about the modern-day saint and miracle worker St John Maximovitch. Much talk about context in the series, but the speaker is quite engaging.

  • Talks for sale
  • Some free talks

I haven’t listened to many talks from this website, but it looks quite good. I have downloaded a whole series titled “Prayer of the Heart in an Age of Technology and Distractions”. It sounds good because it is title suggests the speaker is quite educated in the science of prayer and know that to achieve the feat of  “prayer of the heart” (real and true prayer) is no easy task or something that is rarely achieved without education or less than a few years.

Also contains some lives of contemporary Greek elders such as Elder Epiphanios of Athens.



There are many more good good talks and sources, but I’m in much spiritual happiness by these above ones for now until I find others.