The priest who died for the faith

On July 6th 2013, Father Mina Aboud, a priest of the Coptic Orthodox Church, in El-Areesh, North Sinai, was horrendously killed by extremists.

Father Mimi AboudSharween, was 39 years old, and lived in El-Areesli. Fle was a young father of a peaceful family, who served the Areesh community. He was also a father of the congregation in El-Areesh who served the Lord in all honesty and was beloved by the Copts there. Father Mina had an angelic heart which is not belonging to earth hut to heaven. He was the best dad ever as his daughters described him. The Lord wanted him in heaven where he belongs.

He was targeted while wairng in front ot The Al-Masaeed Church near the western entrance of the City, because he was a Christian leader. He was taken to hospital, where he later died of severe wounds.

Why such waste?

The Lord works in His own mysterious ways. Goodness always comes after turbulence and tribulations. The world always considered Egypt as a Muslim country. After the terrorists’ upheaval, the world is now aware that Egypt is also a Christian country. The injustice inflicted on Copts in Egypt has opened the eyes of the outside world and proved that Egypt has a huge number of Christians, thus forcing the world to acknowledge and understand our Church history. The word COPTIC became far better known and respected around the world

Every small and big incident, which has happened in Egypt, was for God’s glory. Our Church is rich with saints and a proof of our Lord’s love for Egypt. The saints of the early Church are known to our children who read about them,and now they feel they are living amongst them with this new era of martyrdom.