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Keep repenting, confessing and communing as they acquire you a great place in heaven

Following the departure of HG Bishop Makarios, a woman who knew him when he was alive had consecutive dreams of him. Once  she dreamt that HG was sitting on a great throne with a crown on his head; it was as if he was at a feast. She asked him, “Are you going to pray a Divine Liturgy now, your Grace?” He answered and said, “Prayers here are continuous without ceasing.”

He then added, “I want you to deliver a message to Father x and the mother of Makarios. My daughter, don’t you know Feryal? She is the mother of Makarios; her son is a very good deacon who always prayed with me in the liturgies,” he answered. “Tell her that I was upset with her, but that I now have forgiven her, because she kept screaming all the way from St. Mary’s Church to St. Mark’s Church during my funeral procession.” He then added, “Also tell her to go to church, confess, and partake of the communion all the time; that way we will not be apart.

And remember me in the Commemoration of the Departed in the Divine Liturgy, and I will remember her, as if I came to visit her and she visited me. She will feel my presence next to her. But again keep on confessing and partaking in communion so you can reach where I am, because those who confess and partake of the Eucharist have a great position with the saints in heaven.”

“And tell Father x, sermons became too many, in cassette tapes and books, but the most important thing is that all of you are coming here soon. Stress in the sermons the importance of repentance, confession, and communion, because those who confess and partake of the Holy Eucharist have a great position with the saints in Heaven.”

The same message and vision were repeated with a different person, in a different city, around the same time, and he is currently a monk in one of our monasteries.

Ref: Life & Miracles of the thrice blessed Bishop Makarios of Qena (1991), book 1, p. 51-2. Find the PDF of this saint’s life here.

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