Mother Erene

How Mother Erene was miraculously saved from a knife attack

Mother Erene relates: One day, not long after I had arrived in Krair, the nun in charge told me me that the guard on the north side urgently wanted to see me. I asked her to show him into the reception room and to serve him tea. When I saw him, he told me, ‘I need desperately xxxx’. It was a huge sum of money. So I replied, ‘Sorry, but I cannot afford that. We are poor and we are barely living.’

Angrily, the guard got to his feet and took out a large knife. He raised his hand and said, ‘Either you get me the money, or I will harm you.’ I smiled and responded, ‘No, I won’t. And if you want to kill me, here I am, go ahead.’

His hand was still raised, but it was no longer moving. So I went on, ‘What are you waiting for? Here I am. I am not afraid.’ At that moment, the knife fell from his hand. His arm was still raised but was incapable of movement. He kept screaming. I stood up and asked him, ‘What is the matter?’ He answered, ‘Please help me. My arm is killing me and I cannot move it.’ Deep inside me, I thanked God. Then I commanded the guard, ‘Do not be afraid, God will cure you, but don’t ever do this again.’ He hastily agreed, ‘No. I promise I won’t.’ I then prayed the psalm, ‘He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High,’ and made the sign of the cross on his arm. It started to move again.

He pleaded with me. ‘Please do not be upset. Some people asked me to threaten you, in order to scare you and make you leave the place. But now I know that God is on your side; and I will never try to harm you again. Please do not be angry with me.’

I answered, ‘I am not upset with you, but do not do this again. I do not mind if anything happens to me; it is martyrdom. I am only worried that you will be punished.

Ref: Tamav Erene and Glorious Horizons in Monastic Life (Book 2) – Part I, p. 90

Find the scene in her movie which covers this story below:

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