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The earthly and heavenly glory of Mother Erene

Immediately in the weeks and days following the departure of Mother Erene, which occurred on the 31st October 2006, countless laypeople, priests and bishops who knew her or even heard about her, began to publish words of veneration about her spiritual stature and love, and how she had left a very vivid impression on their hearts.

All those who love her referred to her as “the bride and ambassador of heaven”, “a living Bible”, “the blessed and pure saint”, “our pearl,” “the mother of us all”, “the bride of peace who lived among the saints and righteous while still on earth,” and “our mother who won the love of all people all over the world.” She was also spoken of as “the saint of Egypt at this present time”, “our ideal in holiness and piety”, “a nun from the order of the heavenly”, “Reviving the monastic life among young women,” and “a hymn of love, of giving, of self-denial, of chastity and of purity, and an odor of sweet fragmented incense, who carried on her shoulder a big cross for the sake of the celestial Bridegroom.”

One priest, who had known the reverent abbess for as long as 35 years, recorded the following vision which occurred whilst he was praying a liturgy on the fourth day of her departure, which proves her deep holiness: “I was celebrating the holy Mass… and during the Diptych, when the priest puts incense and mentions the departed, I mentioned the name of Mother Erene, ‘Remember, O Lord, the soul of your servant our Mother, Tamav Erene.’  Immediately, I saw her sitting on the right [side] of the Lord of Glory! It was as if she was explaining to me the meaning of the verse written in [the book of] Revelation, “To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne” (Rev 3:21). [This was] because she had won with her deeds and constant giving for forty years and God has rewarded her with many crowns. [He adds] I saw her when she was healthy and lively and when she was extremely ill; she looked the same: a luminous face which is radiant in such a way that reflects the glory of God in heaven”.

Ref: Tamav Erene – The Jewel of Heaven and the beacon of monasticism (book 1), p. 143-6

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