Mother Erene · Spiritual instructions

10 points of spiritual instructions by Mother Erene (Part II)

Author: Mother Erene

Serve without expecting anything in return
When we serve others, we should not await for anything in return. I should say i am doing this for the sake of God; otherwise, I won’t be rewarded in heaven. This may be a bit tiring and difficult for me, but so what? As long as we remain unknown and despised and  do good in secret, we will be rewarded. These are the deeds that we will take with us.  

Work hard, mind your own business
No matter how tired we are during our life on earth, be it long or short, heaven is worth it. Let us mind our business and never judge anyone. Everyone should do what he is required to do in honestly, meticulousness and the fear of God until the very end. We do not have time to see what others are doing or saying. A wise and rational person judges himself and does not get affected by dispraise or praise. Let us read the life stories of the saints. We will find out that their lives were filled with good work, as well as the love and fear of God.

Don’t have superficial faith
What a waste when we have superficial faith and remain unable to get to the depth. Struggle is a must. The narrow path is inevitable for it is the one that leads to the Kingdom. Hard work and perseverance are essential. When we practice a certain virtue, we will be tired at the beginning, but then it will become a second nature to us. This is exactly what happens with our love for God: at the beginning it is little and then it grows. If we go through any problem or tribulation, let us not fear or get upset. Let us go through it with confidence. The children of God always feel that they are in His hands.

Blessings come from forcing ourselves
So every time we force yourselves to pray or struggle or do any kind of virtue, God does what? He consoles us, encourages us and stands by our side. Do you think that anyone of us has a virtue or does anything good out of his own character or nature? No, one can simply intend to do so, and God will see his heart’s desire and give him more than he asks or longs for.

Nothing can make us happy or comfortable except loving God
We felt that when we ask our Lord Jesus Christ from all our hearts in the times of tribulations, the times of spiritual, physical and psychological problems, He responds and sends us His beloved ones, the martyrs and saints. He does not abandon us, but gives us peace, strength, endurance and a great reward in heaven. He is the lover of mankind, He is merciful and tender with sinners. He desires to attract them for the sake of their salvation. He alone has mercy and compassion on us and we have no one else but Him. Nothing can make us happy or comfortable except loving God.

A deep and humble prayer
A deep and humble prayer is usually accompanied by tears. We don’t force these tears, they are shed naturally. Our prayer is an accepted sacrifice before God when we pray with meekness, envy no one and upset no one. The person who has companionship with God, never feels afraid; he always feel secured. If he is attacked by the war of thoughts or doubts, he says, “I am sure that God will never abandon me.” And he implores God to help him. Immediately, the devils will be afraid and leave that person. Though the devils are intelligent, they are cowards and fear very much the person who is armed by prayer. But when he is afraid, they are empowered over him/her. When a person is upset, let him turn his feelings into prayer and talk with God about his problems and tribulations. He will definitely be comforted.

Prayer helps us to survive all things
In prayer we sit with God and tell Him about all our wars, problems and worries. He will cure us, comfort us and give us what we need. He will give us a great grace with which we struggle, put up with things and live always in joy regardless of the wars, tribulations and problems we go through. We will be able to get over them and live in peace and happiness. I wish we would learn to pray with depth and contrition.

Destroy the evil of others with your goodness, love and prayers
I want to tell you that if there is a person who always upsets me or does bad things to me, and then I repay him with an act of love, this is a form of mercy. And this act will lessen the evil or anger of that person. He will be embarrassed and start to change his attitude because of the act of love and mercy that he has witnessed.

Believe me I saw a living example. There was a lady who was jealous of her friend. Whenever she saw her, she would ridicule her before the people. That friend was a truly religious person and a good one. She used to pray for that lady and to perform acts of love and mercy for her. For example, if she ever saw her upset with something or in need of anything, she would immediately do it for her. God took notice of the love and mercy of that friend and touched the heart of the jealous lady. So she apologized to her friend and told her, “Forgive me, I have harmed you so much and you repaid me with goodness. Pray for me to be good.

Denying ourselves for others increases interior love for God
The most important thing that makes us know the love of God is sacrifice and giving oneself for others. This means we cannot reach Him unless we have self-denial. We have to forget ourselves, our egos, our well-being and interests and our comforts for the sake of others. When one has forbearance and patience, God and the saints will help him/her.

Fervent prayer produces love
Love comes out of deep and spiritual prayer. Believe me, when we pray with depth, we will want nothing except to please and satisfy God. The more we sacrifice for others, the keener we are on not hurting their feelings and the more we give and sacrifice on account of our comfort and interest. As well, God will help us and get us to the love that comes from all the heart. We cannot get there nor have their special love because we are clever; this can only happen with the power of God.

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