Testimonials about Metropolitan Abraham of Jerusalem

>  “If I could say, His Grace Anba Domadious was treating him as an asisstant bishop although he was only a servant.” (HG Anba Theodosious – Bishop of Central Giza)

>  “God had us fear him. We were not afraid of him to keep us from serving or had us stay home, no. We feared the Holy Spirit residing in him.” (Hegoman Hazkial Fayek – rector of the church of Virgin Mary in El Waraq)

>  “He attracted us in an astonishing way that we loved the church through the service, and loved God through him.” (Samir Noshie – a parishioner of the church of Virgin Mary in El Warraq)

>  “He was such an influential and attractive figure that in a record time, he got the educated youths to gather around him.” (HG Anba Youhanna)

>  “He used to serve at the church of St Mary Embaba. It was in a house of low cost dwellings and he was in charge of Sunday School, servant meetings and the youth meetings.” (Hegomen Sarabamon Abdo – rector of church of St Mary in Madinat El Tahrir, Embaba)

>  “He stormed the villages and placed the servants everywhere” (Guirguis Gohar from Kafr Hakim village)

>  “When he was still a layman, it is true that God utilized Bishop Anba Domadious who established many churches in that region, but the construction of a spiritual atmosphere, preparing servants, who are able to bear responsibilities in that region, was no doubt the dedicated work, service and the love of the brother Ibrahim Sadrak.” (HG Anba Bakhomious – Metropolitan of El Beheira and the five western cities)

These are all extracted from this 2 hr documentary about him, which is found below.

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