Mother Erene · Spiritual instructions

10 points of spiritual instructions by Mother Erene (Part III)

The Fathers (ancient saints) teach us how to unite to God
The Fathers are like a living bible that has been put into practice and written with blood and struggle. We find in them both a book and a spirit; therefore walking in their way is a good foundation from which we drink and reach our desired goal, which is uniting with God.

How to increase our love for God
Thinking of God, having companionship with Him and sticking to Him will make us love Him more and get closer to Him. Let us talk with Him continually, at every  moment, during work and even when we are busy.  I mean let us pray to God in everything. We have to pray, first and foremost, to enjoy His presence. I have to do everything for His sake only; there is no other purpose or target except Him. If one loves God, one will do everything for His sake.     

The person who struggles
God can’t bear to see someone who struggles in prayer, fasting, prostration and work in need; He has to support, aid and stand beside that person.    

Prayer teaches us prayers
Prayer teaches us prayers. The more we sit with God, the more we are able to praise Him and glorify Him; and He will teach us how to pray. As Christians, prayer is our only weapon. With prayer and the power of God we can win our battles.

Fervent monasticism is heaven on earth
Nothing is more beautiful than the life and rites of monasticism. No happiness can compare to that of a monk or a nun pursuing his/her spiritual struggle with love and humility and fulfilling the laws and regulations of his/her monastery. This is heaven on earth.     

Prayer is the only key to heaven
Believe me prayer is our only key to heaven, and not only to heaven, but also the heart of God. We get there when we pray with contrition and humility, with depth and tears. Through prayer, we sit with Him, tell Him all our wars, problems and worries. He will cure us, console us and give us great grace with which we struggle and forebear.   

Prayer is the key to paradise
Prayer, whether performed at church or home, is the key with which we open Paradise, enter it and sit with our Lord Jesus Christ and feel that He is with you. We can then ask what we want and He will give it to us immediately. Even if He waits a little bit, He will finally grant us our demands.             

Accept trials and be thankful for them
When we accept the trials that God permits us, we gain blessing here on earth and glory in heaven. We do not have to wait for God to intervene to cure us. But so long we thank Him, God will console us in one way or another. Then thankfulness will lead us to joy. And God never abandons us because He is good and He loves mankind. Whenever we thank Him, He gives us more blessings, more rewards.           

Enter by the narrow gate
Those who love God and keep His commandments, remain confident and happy even when they face trials and tribulations. They may somehow be poor and hardly able to afford to live. They may suffer from diseases and problems; yet, they are happy and smiling, and they enjoy peace and joy.

Why? It is because God is in their hearts; they are living with Him and they continually thank Him. They always say, “We thank God who gives us peace, serenity, joy and assurance. Indeed we may be ill, but we enjoy inner peace: we are consoled and happy. We hope that God will help us endure to the end.” Thus, they are thankful because they are close to God.

Yet, we may find some wealthy people who enjoy luxury and good health, and may lack nothing; however, they often feel that something is missing. When you ask them about it, they say that they are upset and have no peace or joy. Why? It is because God is not in their life: He is not in their hearts. Their love for Him is superficial.

Love love love
A friend of Mother Erene relates that whenever she asked her for an edifying word, Mother would often say, “Love. Love your neighbor as yourself. There is nothing but love. See how our God Jesus Christ loved us on the cross. See how much love He gave us. We want to love Him as much as He loves us. Ask God to love Him as much as He loved us on the cross.”

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