Bishop Makarios · Love

Bishop Makarios’ endless love for his congregation

His Grace Bishop Makarios’ diocese was one of the largest; in fact, after his departure it was divided into 4 dioceses. But despite how large the diocese was, HG still managed to visit each member of his congregation, house by house, once a year for the 25 years that he was a bishop. He never skipped a year, but persisted in his service, even in his final year when he was sick. Up until his last breath, he regarded his service as a service to God Himself, and he did not allow himself to be anything but faithful to God and his children.

His Grace used to visit anywhere from 50 to 100 houses in one day, starting in the morning and finishing at night. In 15 days, HG would accomplish what another priest would strive to do in a year. Even in his last two months on earth, he would visit and serve his flock. Anytime he walked into a house, he would greet every person individually, ask about every person, listen to each one’s problems, follow up on their needs, and pray for them. God would attend to all of his prayers and petitions; if HG prayed for a person, that person’s problems would be solved or his request granted. God also enabled HG to perform many miracles, such as healing the sick, casting out demons, and other heavenly powers. He used to stress to everyone the importance of prayer, confession, communion and fellowship with God, as this is the only way that God will intervene, solve problems and lift tribulations. HG was a faithful servant who used his earthly talents to gain heavenly ones, and to save many souls.

During his bishopric, many churches and altars were consecrated in Qena and throughout his diocese, and most of the existing churches were fixed and retrofitted.

Ref: Life & Miracles of Bishop Makarios of Qena (1991) – book 1, p. 42-3 (PDF index)

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