Love · Prayer

Our fervent and heartfelt prayers, and deep love for each other, attracts the angels to us

One of the reverend fathers from Ethiopia came to the convent and was so determined to meet Mother Erene. He told us a vision that he had seen:

In 1995, I was in Jerusalem during the holy fifty days* that follow Lent. I saw your convent, the convent of the Martyr Abi Seifein, in a vision. I saw the Martyr standing by the entrance and next to him was Pope Kyrillos VI. I also found children and many saints, thousands and thousands of them entering the convent while dressed in white. Their faces were white and in light, and they looked like foreign children.

The Martyr Abi Seifein was welcoming everyone by his/her name and then telling him/her: ‘Welcome to my house. Welcome St. (…) in my house.’

Pope Kyrillos, too, was smiling and welcoming them by bowing his head and with his hand which he put on his chest.

Mother Erene was standing next to Pope Kyrillos looking at this heavenly scene in silence and joy.

After all these saintly guests had entered the convent, they started singing many beautiful hymns. Whenever they sang and praised the Lord, they would say, ‘This is the place of our rest.’

So the Martyr Abi Seifein would look at Mother and tell her, ‘Can you see this? Can you hear this?

They say this is the place of their comfort.’

She asked him, ‘Who are these children?’ He replied, ‘These are angels. Now their food, drink and attire are your responsibility.’

So she asked him, ‘What will we feed them?’

He answered, ‘Their food and drink are your praises and prayers. And their clothes are the love you have for each other. This means that when you pray and chant the Psalmody from your hearts, when you pray deeply and with spirituality, and act in complete love according to the commandments, they will abide with you. In other words, praising, prayer, and love make them live among you.’

Ref: Mother Erene: A monastic life kindled with love at the feet of Christ (book 3), p. 117-8

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