Two printable collages of 70 Coptic saints and 70 EO saints

The dimensions of both posters are 5905 x 4724 or 50 cm by 40 cm. Just save them to your PC and send it to quality printing place and you’ll have it. Just a fun project I was working on and which I am probably more proud of than is warranted.

Coptic saints

Made using TurboCollage from

The names of the saints are as follows from left to right….

  • Fr Pishoy Kamel
  • Martyr Maggie Moemen of the Botroseya bombings
  • Metropolitan Abraham of Jerusalem and the Near East
  • Martyr Fr Raphael Moussa
  • General Bishop, Bishop Reweis
  • Bishop Sarapamon, the abbot of St Bishoy’s Monastery in Wadi El Natrun
  • Martyr Nabil Habashi Salama
  • Fr Sarabamon Abdo Rizk
  • Fr Philemon St Macarius
  • Mother Kereya Iskander
  • Fr Paul the Samuelite
  • Fr Andrewis the Samuelite
  • Fr Simon St Paul
  • Fr Faltaous the Syrian
  • Tant Samira Doherty of California
  • Fr Luke the Syrian
  • Fr Fanous St Paul
  • Fr Youssef Assad
  • Fr Petronious the Syrian
  • Martyr Bishoy Al Qommos Daniel
  • Metropolitan Hedra of Aswan
  • Mother Idrina Malika Youssef, Om El Ghalaba (the mother of the poor)
  • Fr Bishoy Kamel
  • Fr Matthew the poor
  • Fr Angelos the Antonian
  • St Abdelmessih El Manahry
  • Fr Armanios the Syrian
  • St Archdeacon Habib Girgis
  • Fr Ibrahim the simple
  • Hieromartyr Mina Aboud Sharobeem
  • Fr Surial the Jerusalemite
  • Bishop Botros of Shebin Al-Qanater
  • Fr Samaan Shehata
  • Fr Mettaous the Syrian
  • Fr Tadros the Antonian
  • Fr Mikhial El Behery
  • The 21 martyrs of Libya
  • Fr Louka Sidarous
  • Fr Athanasius the Syrian
  • Mother Yoanna, the abbess of St George’s convent in Old Cairo
  • Metropolitan Mina of Girga
  • St Yostos the Antonian
  • Bishop Macarius of Qena
  • Metropolitan Kyrillos of Milan
  • Bishop Pemwah of St George’s monastery
  • The Nagi Hammadi martyrs
  • St Abraam, the bishop of Fayoum
  • Bishop Fam of Tema
  • Fr Mikhial Ibrahim
  • Bishop Epiphanius, the abbot of St Macarius’ monastery
  • St Kyrillos VI
  • Fr Arsanios Aziz Serry of Canada
  • Metropolitan Maximos of Qualobiya
  • Metropolitan Mikhial of Assiut
  • Martyr Mary Samah George
  • Fr Azer Thomas Girgis
  • Bishop Mina St Mina
  • Fr Yassa Mikhial
  • Metropolitan Bishoy of Damiette
  • Mother Erene
  • Bishop Makary of Sinai
  • Pope Shenouda III
  • Fr Tadros the Antonian
  • Fr Abd Al – Masih Al – Toubouni

EO saints

Made using TurboCollage from

The names of the saints are as follows from left to right…

  • Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas
  • Archimandrite Hippolytus
  • Archimandrite Kiril Pavlov
  • Elder Aimilianos
  • Elder Dobri Dobrev
  • Elder Ephraim of Arizona
  • Elder Epiphanios Theodoropoulos
  • Elder Evmenios Saridakis
  • Elder Herodion
  • Elder Nikolai Guryanov
  • Elder Philotheos Zervakos
  • Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica
  • Elder Zosima
  • Fr Daniel Sysoev
  • Fr Isaac Atallah
  • Fr john krestiankin
  • Fr Naum Baiborodin
  • Fr Seraphim Rose
  • Fr Tikon the Anchorite
  • Gerontissa Macrina Vassoloulou
  • Hieromartyr Onuphrius Gagalyuk
  • Hieromonk Nestor Savchuk
  • Matushka Olga Michael
  • Metropolitan Augustinos of Florina
  • Optina elders
  • Patriarch Pavle of Serbia
  • Royal family
  • Schema-Archimandrite Stephen
  • St Afanasy Sakharov
  • St Alexis of Bortsurmany
  • St Alexiy Mechev
  • St Amphilicios of Patmos
  • St Anastasia the seated of Tbilisi
  • St Arsenios of Paros
  • St Benjamin of Petrograd
  • St Elizabeth Feodorovna
  • St Gabriel of Mt Athos
  • St Gabriel Urgebadze
  • St Herman of Alaska
  • St Iakovos Tsalikis
  • St Ignatius Brianchanninov
  • St John Maximovitch
  • St John of Kronstadt
  • St Jonah Atamansky of Odessa
  • St Joseph the Hesychast
  • St Justin Popovich
  • St Leonty, Archimandrite of Mikhailovskoe
  • St Luke the Surgeon and Archbishop of Crimea
  • St Maria of Helsinki
  • St Maria of Paris
  • St Matrona of Anemnyasevo
  • St Matrona of Moscow
  • St Nektarios of Aegina
  • St Nicholas Mogilevsky
  • St Nicholas of Japan
  • St Nikanor Savic
  • St Nikephoros the Leper
  • St Nikola Velimirovic
  • St Paisios of Mt Athos
  • St Papa Nicholas Planas
  • St Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow
  • St Philaret of New York
  • St Porphyrios
  • St Raphael of Brooklyn
  • St Seraphim of Sarov
  • St Seraphim of Virtisa
  • St Seraphim Sobolev
  • St Silouan the Athonite
  • St Sophia of kleisoura
  • St Sophrony of Essex
  • St Theophan the Recluse
  • St Xenia of Petersburg 

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