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Don’t judge others based off incomplete information

Mrs. Sh. S. N. said: During the 1980s, when I was fifteen, I first heard from some of my relatives about the miracles that God had performed through the prayers of the Martyr Abi Seifein. They also told me about the Abbess of his community, Mother Erene. One day they invited me to go with them to pray at the convent of the Martyr in Old Cairo and to attend a meeting with Mother. But I refused and muttered some unsuitable words like, “You are all crazy about Mother Erene. You keep talking about her. Leave her alone. She is just a nun.”

Mother Erene

How Mother Erene was miraculously saved from a knife attack

Mother Erene relates: One day, not long after I had arrived in Krair, the nun in charge told me me that the guard on the north side urgently wanted to see me. I asked her to show him into the reception room and to serve him tea. When I saw him, he told me, ‘I need desperately xxxx’. It was a huge sum of money. So I replied, ‘Sorry, but I cannot afford that. We are poor and we are barely living.'

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How a mother’s fervent faith cured her autistic son

Admin: I posted this miracle before but I shortened the account from the book. This is the full version! It is a remarkable story of how fervent, deep and constant prayer with tears, with a strong faith and hope in God, with relentless perseverance and drive, stemming from genuine heartfelt distress and deep suffering, can… Continue reading How a mother’s fervent faith cured her autistic son

Liturgy · St Kyrillos VI

“When we have something important to do, we pray the liturgy first”

I returned with haste to the Pope, and as soon as he saw me he smiled with gladness as if he was with me, for he said, "Did you see father what prayer did? While you drank your coffee, they completed your papers". He then continued with his gently fatherly love, "My son, when you have something important to do, you must first pray the liturgy".

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Miraculous help in times of exams by the intercessions of recent Coptic saints

I compiled these list of miracles from various books about modern day Coptic saints. I hope this compilation may help people learn to rely on and fervently ask for the intercessions of the saints during stressful exam times. Not only during exam time, but to develop the habit of asking help from the saints during… Continue reading Miraculous help in times of exams by the intercessions of recent Coptic saints

Fr Faltaous El Souriany · suffering

The heavenly glory of enduring tribulations

Once the fathers of the Sourian monastery wanted to ensure the wellbeing of Fr. Faltaous, especially because no one ever saw him, and they were worried about him living alone in such a desolate part of the monastery. They knew how difficult it must be to live in that daunting area, especially because they knew the extent of the fierceness and ruthlessness of the devils and their wiles – against any monk who longs to lead a solitary life dedicated to God.

Fr Faltaous El Souriany · Miracles

A selection of miracles of Fr. Faltaous El Souriany

Contents The mute speak and the paralysed walkThe woman with the brain tumorThe cross-eyed boyCuring of an eye diseaseThe baby with pneumoniaThe blind receive their sightHe cures even his fellow monksThe monk cured from kidney failureSkin diseases flee from his prayersThe Virgin Mary wants you at her churchEven cancer is defeated Taken and reformatted from… Continue reading A selection of miracles of Fr. Faltaous El Souriany

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Lord of Glory: “She can put up with this tribulation, let her take more reward. I console her in other times.”

Indeed great is the Your power O God, and great are You in Your saints. Mother Erene saved our life and took us out of a deep pit. She saved us from great pains and complete darkness with the power of heaven. Thus the light of God shone upon us and defeated the powers of evil. I will tell you how God had mercy upon us and saved our daughter (Y.N.F) and restored to me, her father and the whole family, peace and joy after having lost the hope of seeing our daughter in a normal condition.

Love · Prayer · St Kyrillos VI

How St Kyrillos saved the life of Patriarch Ignatius Zakka Iwas I

Fr Kyrillos Massoudi, parish priest of St Mary’s Syriac Orthodox Church in Egypt, relates:Let me tell you a story. I have been extremely blessed and honoured to have witnessed a giant pillar of faith, wisdom and joy for three years as a personal disciple to the great saint and hero among the fathers Patriarch Ignatius Zakka… Continue reading How St Kyrillos saved the life of Patriarch Ignatius Zakka Iwas I