Miracles · St Kyrillos VI

Two St Kyrillos miracles for those who suffered long

Eng. Zarif Gayed Shehata from Cairo writes:  In 1971, I suffered from a severe allergy in my chest. I saw many specialized professors in medicine, and tried numerous medications, but without any improvement. My case was deteriorating, and I would have several asthma attacks in one day. The doctors did not know what else to do, and I was forced to live with these violent attacks, using several different medications and various inhalers.

Fr Faltaous El Souriany · Miracles

Fr Faltaous, St Mina and St George readjust a leaning building!

After much insisting, he said to us, ‘Something happened, God intervened with you and with this piece of land…’ He kept repeating this phrase multiple times, and then he said to us, ‘If I record exactly what is happening right now with regards to this building, everyone will think that I am crazy.’


Testimonials about Metropolitan Abraham of Jerusalem

>  "If I could say, His Grace Anba Domadious was treating him as an asisstant bishop although he was only a servant." (HG Anba Theodosious - Bishop of Central Giza) >  "God had us fear him. We were not afraid of him to keep us from serving or had us stay home, no. We feared… Continue reading Testimonials about Metropolitan Abraham of Jerusalem

Love · Mother Erene

Fervently love all, even red-handedly caught sinners!

And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins.” (1 Peter 4:8)One of the nuns of the convent of St Abu Seifein relate: Mother Erene, together with her dear friend, the great Martyr Abu Seifein, protects the convent. I will tell you an incident that happened at the end of one day, as I heard… Continue reading Fervently love all, even red-handedly caught sinners!

repentance · Saints

St Augustine of Hippo: a truth seeker and timeless model of profound repentance

On this day also of the year 146 of the martyrs (430 AD.) St. Augustine, bishop of Hippo (Modern day Annaba, NE of Algeria), departed. This saint was born in the city of Thagaste (Modern day Souk Ahras, NE of Algeria) in the year 354 AD to a pagan father called Patricius and a devout… Continue reading St Augustine of Hippo: a truth seeker and timeless model of profound repentance


Miracles related to infertility issues

A childless Muslim woman came to Issam’s mother for help – local Muslims often ask their Coptic neighbors to pray for them: “Your God listens to prayers and works wonders.” She gave the woman one of Issam’s shirts. Maybe the woman wore it when she lay with her husband – who knows? In any case, after fifteen infertile years, she became pregnant twice while in possession of the shirt.

Love · Prayer

Our fervent and heartfelt prayers, and deep love for each other, attracts the angels to us

In 1995, I was in Jerusalem during the holy fifty days* that follow Lent. I saw your convent, the convent of the Martyr Abi Seifein, in a vision. I saw the Martyr standing by the entrance and next to him was Pope Kyrillos VI. I also found children and many saints, thousands and thousands of them entering the convent while dressed in white. Their faces were white and in light, and they looked like foreign children.


A list of amazing Orthodox articles I’ve read (and re-read) over the years

Will add more to this list. Some of these articles, at the time of my reading of them, provided me extraordinary spiritual nourishment. Of course, I believe there is always more joy and fulfillment in growing spiritually with others, hence we can try to share the knowledge we learnt with a friend afterwards, or reading it together at the same time and discussing, or whatever, or sending one of these links to a friend whom you think might need it.


When we have something important to do, we pray the liturgy first

Hegumen Father Tadros Gorgi relates: After my ordination as a priest, according to the will of the Lord of Glory Jesus Christ, who is the Supreme High Priest, and with the hands of His beloved Pope Kyrillos VI, I used to learn from His Holiness and tried to tread the same spiritual path, as he had become my supreme mentor. As a priest I used to pray a holy liturgy on a daily basis, following in the same footsteps as my teacher.