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The effect of reading the life of Mother Erene

A young lady recounted to the nuns of St Abu Seifein convent in Old Cairo

My life has totally changed after having read the valuable life story of Tamav Erene. Before hand, I was only interested in whatever was worldly. However, from the moment I read this book, Tamav’s life touched mine. I cried bitterly and told her, ‘Please be my mother and attract me to heaven and to whatever is holy.’ When I came to Egypt, I decided to come to the convent and to visit Tamav’s shrine to ask her to help me change my life and to come closer to God.

Truly, my life has changed in such a way that surprised me personally. I started to pray and fast, so I felt a power that helped me to achieve what seemed difficult. I asked God with the prayer  of Tamav Erene to help me give up all my bad habits. I started with songs which I was crazy about and many of which I knew by heart. While I was in Tamav’s shrine, I told her, ‘Please divert my attention from these things.’ Indeed overnight, and with God’s help, I started to listen to the holy Mass and religious hymns instead. I also used to enjoy gossiping and judging people. I asked Tamav to handle this habit so that I would renounce it totally. I did. Moreover, one of my acquaintances was really upsetting me. I was so angry that I imagined that I would never be able to talk to her again. However, I found myself calling her and telling her that I would be visiting her at her home. I did, and the whole issue was resolved.

Today, 11/8/2007, I came to ask Tamav to help me for the salvation of my soul. I have to admit that I feel her support every step of the way to my repentance. Now joy fills my heart and my whole being and the light of God and His saints has become the torch that guides my life.

Ref: Tamav Erene and Glorious Horizons in Monastic life (Part II), p. 142

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