Doxologies and venerations for modern Coptic saints in English

> Bishop Abraam of Fayoum
> Hieromartyr Mina Abood Sharobeem
> Metropolitan Maximos of Qalyubia
> Mother Erene
> St Abdelmessih El Manahry
> St Kyrillos VI

Find his doxology and veneration on Coptic reader –> index –> saints –> clergy –> Anba Abraam Bishop of Fayoum.




Doxology 1
I start with longing,
to honour with hymns,
Tamav Erene the golden lampstand,
of the Holy Church.

The wise virgin,
the saint clothed with purity
our chaste Tamav Irene,
the bride of Christ.

The one who has become,
a guide to us,
and a harbour of salvation,
and who fulfilled the sayings of our Good Saviour.

You were exalted O faithful one,
Tamav Erene the saint,
who has become a merciful mother,
and who loved the compassionate Christ

Rejoice O true bride,
who has become,
an altar for the Holy Spirit,
since Her childhood.

Truly blessed are you,
our saintly and loved Mother
because you renounced this vain world,
and worthless money.

Rejoice our Mother the Saint,
who bowed herself down,
in prayers and vigils,
for the saving of our souls.

We honour you with joy,
O bride of the Bridegroom,
our Tamav Erene,
Mother Superior loved by Christ.

Of her exalted virtues,
and angelic purity,
O God gives us a share,
with the righteous and faithful.

Hail to your grave,
filled with grace,
hail to your holy body from which,
comes the cure of all diseases.

Hail to you O saint,
hail to you O pure one,
hail to you O ascetic,
the bride of the Master.

Pray to the Lord on our behalf,
O Christ’s bride,
Tamav Erene the saint,
that He may forgive us our sins.


Doxology 2
Beloved Tamav Erene you flew,
O humble at heart,
to the high places quickly,
to the places of the heart’s true joy.

The divine mouth of Emmanuel,
called you in joy,
come to me my Bride,
inherit with me O discerning.

Here is Philopateer,
your beloved friend,
how he rejoiced,
when he beheld you coming as a star.

Who is like you O ascetic?
You have served your bridegroom with awe
for about 53 years or more
you reaped increasing fruits.
Emmanuel is God the Messiah, 
we praise Him and glorify Him, 
for His hand supported you, 
and His arm strengthened you.
Truly blessed are you, 
our beloved Tamav Erene, 
you were faithful over a few things,
so He made you ruler over many.
Hail to you from your daughters, 
hail to you O nun, 
hail to you O Mother Superior,
Beloved Tamav Erene.

Pray on our behalf,
Christ’s bride,
beloved Tamav Erene, 
so that He may forgive us our sins.

Ref: p. 158 and 159 from one of her books

Doxology 3
Truly blessed are you,
O pious Mother Erene,
the Bride of God,
the true Bridegroom.

You rejected the glory,
of the evil world,
and followed the King of Glory,
because you loved purity.

You are a discerning Superior,
O Beloved Mother,
you inherited the Kingdom,
of our Lord Jesus our King.

For since your childhood,
you abhorred this mortal world,
your mouth spoke wisdom,
and your tongue sang hymns.

Our chaste Mother Erene,
you kept the Faith well,
and accomplished many virtues,
and thus pleased the Lord our God.

She always opened her heart,
and also the door of her convent,
to console the faint-hearted,
with joy and forbearance.

Her struggle was great,
her glory was exalted,
her dignity is amazing,
sweet is mentioning her name.

Blessed are you Mother Erene,
O ascetic nun,
who cared for her many daughters,
with purity and chastity.

Hail to you O Saint,
hail to you O pure one,
hail to you O ascetic,
the Bride of the Master.

Ask from God on our behalf,
O Christ’s Bride,
beloved Tamav Erene,
that He may forgive us our sins.

Reference: Tamav Erene and Glorious Horizons in Monastic Life (Part I).


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