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A miracle seen by all the bystanders on the street!

In a letter dated 24/11/2007, Mrs A. R. wrote:

Two days before the beginning of the fasting of Christmas – which coincided with the eve of the feast of St. Mena the wonder worker – I felt very exhausted as I was having a hypotension. On the following day, I was supposed to go for my kidney dialysis session. So at noon I phoned my mother, who lives in Shoubra Al-Khaima, and asked her to come over to my house in Al- Amereya to help me in some domestic work.

My mother was late; she did not come until 3 pm. I was very worried about her, I did not know what went wrong with her; so I called upon the great Martyr Abi Seifein and Tamav Erene and asked them to protect her and help her come quickly to my house. She was suffering from cataract and was not able to see properly even with her glasses. Later, she came with a lady and I learnt of the great miracle that happened to her. It was witnessed by all the people in the street:

When my mother was crossing the street, by the end of the Bridge of Al-Sowah, she was walking very quickly when a truck hit her. She fell under it and felt that she was dying. This is what all the people felt as well as the truck driver who cried out of fear.

The truck stopped and all people were sure that the old lady underneath it was surely dead. But all of a sudden, they saw an officer with two golden swords to his side. He was wearing a golden cross and riding a horse with a lady behind him. She was wearing dark clothes, a black veil and a white cross. This officer came forward and said to all people, ‘Would you please not crowd? The lady is all right.’ He got my mother from underneath the truck and the lady or rather the nun (who was with him) was holding her handbag. The officer, whom I realized was Abi Seifein was cleaning her clothes and helping her with first did recover and regain consciousness.

All bystanders heard him rebuke the truck driver and telling him, ‘You should have been more careful. Can you see what happened? Why do you drive fast? Would you like me to take you to the police station and make a report of the accident?’ The driver was in panic; he was crying and apologizing. He said, ‘Your excellence, she was crossing the street quickly. I was confused and could not help hitting her. But she is all right. She does not even have one scratch.’

The officer told him, ‘You know if anything had happened to her, I would have immediately taken you to the police station. Go, and next time pay attention when you drive”. All those who witnessed the scene were surprised and said, ‘We have never seen such an awe inspiring officer.”

My mother told me that she regained consciousness while saying, ‘Let me die. Why did you wake me up?’ The Martyr told her, ‘How is it that you die now when you are looking after a patient [he meant me]? Stand up. No you won’t die now.’

Then my mother heard all those around her telling her, “you were given a new life when this officer and the lady accompanying him came and took you from under the truck.”

One of the passersby said, ‘Are these your relatives? You look poor. How do you know such a great officer? And who is that lady with him? He took her back on his horse after you regained consciousness and disappeared. We were all astounded. You are definitely a kind lady. To tell you the truth we were scared.’

That lady escorted my mother until she arrived safely at my house. My mother was very surprised and could not believe that she was saved in such a miraculous way. All the people in the street saw the great Martyr Abi Seifein and Tamav Erene riding the horse and disappearing after making sure that she was all right.

All praise and gratitude are due to our God who keeps a watchful eye on us and sends us His saints to help us even without our asking for their help.

Ref: Tamav Erene Leader and mother in the monastic pasture (book 4), p. 178-9

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