Miracles · St Kyrillos VI

Two St Kyrillos miracles for those who suffered long

15 years of suffering finished!

“The things which are impossible with men are possible with God” (Luke 18:27)

Eng. Zarif Gayed Shehata from Cairo writes:  In 1971, I suffered from a severe allergy in my chest. I saw many specialized professors in medicine, and tried numerous medications, but without any improvement. My case was deteriorating, and I would have several asthma attacks in one day. The doctors did not know what else to do, and I was forced to live with these violent attacks, using several different medications and various inhalers.

In 1973, I suffered from severe pain around my neck and lower back. Once again, I visited many famous specialists. I had several X-rays taken, which showed two slit discs: one in the cervical area and the other in the lumbar area. I was prescribed several medications, did more than 60 sessions of physical therapy, and was made to wear a cervical collar to lighten the weight of the head on the vertebral column.

Despite my complete adherence to what was prescribed, such as not carrying any weights or bending over while writing, there were no improvements at all. On the contrary, the pains were getting more intense. At that point, the specialists decided to do two surgical operations: one would be in the cervical area, and then they would work on the lumbar area six months later.

Due to the nature of my job, I had to travel frequently to several European countries. Because of this, I had a chance to visit many highly qualified specialists, whether for the asthma problem, or for the slit discs. They all suggested the exact same procedure as the specialists back in Egypt.

In April of 1985, I went along with my family for the first time to visit the monastery of the great martyr, Saint Mina, the Miracle Worker, in Mariout. Once in the shrine of Pope Kyrillos, I noticed that people were writing down their wishes and laying them on the saint’s tomb.

I knew Pope Kyrillos before his departure through a dear friend of mine, who was very close to His Holiness the Pope. Both my friend and I used to visit him in his residence at Clot Bey (Cairo). We enjoyed sitting and listening to his guidance and advice. We also would receive his blessings, which helped us tremendously with our family as well as our work. That is why my written note to His Holiness was very short and friendly, and it only included my sufferings and pains. I strongly believed that His Holiness would ask his beloved intercessor, St. Mina, the Miracle Worker, and our Lord Jesus Christ to bless me with a speedy recovery.

On that same night, after returning to Cairo, I saw His Holiness in my sleep, and he said to me, “Zarif, the things which are impossible with men, are possible with God. You will have to believe that you will recover in the Name of Our Master and Lord Jesus Christ, and stop taking any medications”

The next day I did not take any medications as I was instructed, and the day went by without any asthma attacks, not even a mild one. I did not feel any pain in my vertebral column, and I felt like I had before 1971, with no pain either in my chest or in my back.

From that day and until now (July 2008), I have not felt any pain. Fifteen years of pain and sufferings vanished after only one visit from Pope Kyrillos, a visit which did not last more than a few minutes. The specialists all agreed that recovery without surgery was a divine miracle.

This is why my family and I will always praise the Lord, and thank Him, along with Pope Kyrillos. May his blessings be always with us.

Ref: God’s love, p. 21-23

8 yr sickness cured

Mrs S.A. from Alexandria writes: I thank the Lord because of His love for His children, and because He never abandons us. He always send us His saints to heal our wounds and sufferings.

I had been suffering from ventricular hypertrophy (an enlarged heart), and a blockage in a main coronary artery. I had no energy to do anything. I was given many medications but all were in vain. I was in this state for more than eight years. One morning, I was all by myself at home, suffering severely and unable to get off my chair. I picked up a book of Pope Kyrillos’ miracles, which I had already read several times, and still had beside me. Through the picture on the front cover, I kept imploring His Holiness, saying, “Your Holiness, you have made miracles for many people. I implore you to perform a miracle for me.” Suddenly, I saw the Pope’s lips moving as if he were talking to me. Immediately, I felt an electric current surge through my entire body, and my feet turned very cold. All my sufferings and pain had vanished, and I was able to get off my seat and walk around the house by myself, effortlessly. I felt extreme happiness!

I went to see the doctor to follow up on my case. Results of all kinds of diagnostic procedures, an ECG, and diagnostic imaging showing my heart to be absolutely normal, and the blockage in my coronary artery gone, leaving no trace of any abnormality. These results surprised my specialist so much that he had to redo all the procedures several times. After comparing the former ECG and CT scan, with the new ones, he told me that my heart was fine, and decided to stop all medication.

Since that day, I have been living a normal life, without restrictions and without any pain or suffering. I love on the fifth floor, and I am able to go up and down the stairs by myself without any help.

All this way due to the blessings of Pope Kyrillos, after imploring him through his picture.

Ref: God’s love, p. 70-1

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