Miracles · St Kyrillos VI

A 15 year headache cured!

Mrs. L.W.A., from Cairo relates: Over 25 years ago, I suffered from a chronic and severe migraine. I had seen many doctors of different specializations, including internal medicine, ophthalmologists, ENT’s, and others. I was sent for several diagnostic tests and X-rays. I was prescribed numerous medications, whether therapeutic or pain killers, and reached a point where my purse was always full of pain killers which no longer had any effect on me.

This lasted for 15 years, with no improvement whatsoever. No one could find the cause of this horrible headache, which turned my life upside down.

I Implored the Lord relentlessly to alleviate this heavy burden from me so I could take care of my home and children. One day, in 1997, I called on Pope Kyrillos (whom I had known and visited when he was alive). I asked him to have pity on me and remove this agony from me. I asked him to put an end to my sufferings and anxiety, going from one doctor’s office to another, and seeking a cure.

During my sleep one night, I saw myself at the church of El Ezbaweya which is near St. Mark’s Church in Clot Bey. I saw Pope Kyrillos entering the church, wearing his priestly white tunic and holding the cross in one hand and the staff in the other. I stepped towards His Holiness and said, “Pray for me Your Holiness. I am suffering from a chronic headache.” His Holiness laid his hand with the cross on my head, and said a long prayer, then tapped my head with the cross and said. “It is over now; you are healed.”

When I woke up, I was very happy from this vision. Since that day, almost 10 years ago, this headache has left me and has never returned. My years of suffering and numerous visits to different specialists for 15 years had all vanished, following only one visit from Pope Kyrillos which did not last more than a few seconds.

Praise be to the Lord, and thanks to our beloved Pope Kyrillos, along with his beloved St. Mina, the Wonder Worker. May their blessings be with us all.

Ref: Life of holiness, p. 24-5

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