A list of amazing Orthodox articles I’ve read (and re-read) over the years

Will add more to this list. Some of these articles, at the time of my reading of them, provided me extraordinary spiritual nourishment. Unfortunately, I don’t read as much now, and find it quite challenging to do so, my concentration levels aren’t great

Of course, I believe there is always more joy and fulfillment in growing spiritually with others, hence we can try to share the knowledge we learnt with a friend afterwards, or reading it together at the same time and discussing, or whatever, or sending one of these links to a friend whom you think might need it.

This list does not include lives of the saints as there are too many resources of those, which I constantly share on social media. Most of these are taken from and

> Tthe place of the lives of saints in the spiritual life
> The holy fathers on illness
> Who are the saints?
> That was from me – a spiritual testament of St Seraphim of Vyritsa
> How do we know God’s will?
> Every one of us is a potential saint
> The signs of a correct spiritual life
> The hardest and most important ascetic labour
> Love of money, the sin of distrust in God

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