Mother Erene · Spiritual instructions

Don’t judge others based off incomplete information

Admin: we can learn from this amazing story to not make judgements towards people based on insufficient information, besides the obvious fact how amazing this story is and how it demonstrates the great holiness of Mother Erene. I highly recommend hunting her books down, buying them and reading them. They are a big comfort and a humbling and educational too in all seasons of life! I believe this is necessary for all Coptic people. I so wish I could read arabic for there are so many more books about her in arabic and other modern Coptic God-pleasers and Spirit-bearing elders and eldresses, who were filled to the brim with divine energy, divine grace, divine love for mankind! Even more so, that I can actually incarnate these people’s teachings and deep love for God and others to some reasonable degree in my own life, instead of just yapping my mouth and posting endless internet posts about things I never practice. Christianity is spread above all by love, gentleness , good deeds, patience and by one’s personal holy life.

Mrs. Sh. S. N. said: During the 1980s, when I was fifteen, I first heard from some of my relatives about the miracles that God had performed through the prayers of the Martyr Abi Seifein. They also told me about the Abbess of his community, Mother Erene. One day they invited me to go with them to pray at the convent of the Martyr in Old Cairo and to attend a meeting with Mother. But I refused and muttered some unsuitable words like, “You are all crazy about Mother Erene. You keep talking about her. Leave her alone. She is just a nun.”

However, they insisted that I should go with them. The meeting took place in the hall of St. Antony which was next to the Church of St. Mary in the convent. Mother started by talking about the miracles of the Martyr. While she was talking, I saw something that I had never seen before in my whole life. I saw light radiating from her middle arm to her upper arm. I also saw a big and beautiful halo encircling her head. I was stunned and unable to believe or understand what I was watching. I asked those next to me, “Can you see what I see?” I then burst into tears because I realized how much I had underestimated Mother’s holiness. Later, I learnt that another doctor, a surgeon who was among the crowds, had seen the same sight.

At the end of the meeting, I went to greet Mother. I held her hand tightly and kept crying. I was unable to utter a word. Mother looked at me with a very tender smile as if saying, “I am not upset.”

From that day on, my idea of Mother Erene has totally changed and I realised that God does not leave Himself without a witness. I learnt that in every generation there are saints in whom we see the image of God, the all Holy. All glory be to God and blessed be His holy name forever.”

Ref: Mother Erene – A great star on the monastic horizon (Book 5), p. 88-9

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