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A selection of miracles of Fr. Faltaous El Souriany


  • The mute speak and the paralysed walk
  • The woman with the brain tumor
  • The cross-eyed boy
  • Curing of an eye disease
  • The baby with pneumonia
  • The blind receive their sight
  • He cures even his fellow monks
  • The monk cured from kidney failure
  • Skin diseases flee from his prayers
  • The Virgin Mary wants you at her church
  • Even cancer is defeated

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The mute speak and the paralysed walk

The next miracle is told by a monk who witnessed the entire event, he said, “I remember one day in 1992, I was in the monastery’s visitor lounge and a family walked in carrying a 16 year-old-girl. Her case was so touching. Her parents wanted to meet Father Filtaos to pray for the girl so that God may heal her.

So I asked her parents what’s wrong with her and they told me she is mute since birth and paralyzed. I sympathized for her and guided them to the second floor of the visitor lounge where Father Filtaos stayed. There the girl’s parents informed Father Filtaos on their daughter’s situation, the Father sympathized for the girl and especially that she was so young and asked her parents to lay her on a chair beside him. He laid his hand on her head and prayed for a long while and anointed her with holy oil.

Then he told her parents “Let her walk alone without helping her or without someone offering her a helping hand.”

Then he told the girl: “Get up sister and go down the stairs.”

Immediately she got up and walked down the stairs and everyone had tears of joy. Then t for the first time ever the girl looked at Father Filtaos and said: “Father, this is for you”

The whole area filled with cries of joy by everyone present. And everyone went to take a look at the girl and praised the lord for her miraculous healing and thanked God for Father Filtaos and his prayer may his holiness shine upon us all. Amen.

The woman with the brain tumour

Author: Mrs. Warda GirgisMorcos – Tanta- Al Gharbeya

I kept suffering from a severe headache for several years, I also had blurry vision and saw a dark thing in front of my eyes. Soon after my eyes started to swell up and turn very red. In November 1995, I went to doctor Henry Abu El Kheir in Alexandria, and after a careful examination he asked for an x-ray specifically for the right eye and then followed it by an MRI scan on the same right eye. The results assured his suspicions. I had a brain tumor that affected my right eye, this filled me with fear.

I wanted to make sure of this diagnoses and so I went to Dr. Samy Turk, a neurologist in Tanta, he confirmed that I had a brain tumor that measured 2 cm X 2 cm. He advised me to take medication for 6 months and then do another scan to see the result, and if there wasn’t any improvement, then I must undergo surgery to remove the tumor. This just worried me more. I started taking the medication but it only caused more trouble.

So I went to another doctor named Dr.Khayry Samra in Cairo. This was in January 1996. The doctor said that medication will no longer work and surgery is the only option after doing another scan do accurately locate the tumor.

At that point the desperation and fear overwhelmed me, and I screamed up to God to help and heal me, and he did. One of my relatives told me there’s a monk in Al Sourian monastery named Father Faltaos Al Souriany, and it was the first time I have heard about him. My cousin advised me to go to him and hope started to build up inside me because I knew that the age of miracles had not passed.

In February 1996, I went to Al Sourian monastery and my health had extremely deteriorated. I suffered a sever headache that put me through so much pain. I met Father Faltaos and sat beside him and told him what I suffered from and I asked him to pray for me so that God may heal me. I was surprised when he refused. Then he said so humbly “Sister, why did you come to me? I’m a poor guy who has nothing to do with major surgeries, you should go to my father.” I asked him who his father was and he replied: “My father is Pope Kirollos the sixth and he lays in Marmina monastery, go to him now and lay your head on his coffin and tell him you need his help.”

I replied, “Pray for me so that I can even reach Marmina monastery, I have a very bad headache.”

So he prayed for me and anointed some holy oil on me, and suddenly I was in peace and I was sure that a miracle would happen.

I made it to Marmina monastery and placed my head on Pope Kirolos’s coffin and prayed for healing. Immediately I felt completely relaxed and headed safely to my home in Tanta.

In Tanta, I underwent another MRI scan and the doctor was so surprised to find that there was no trace of the tumor. I was filled with joy knowing that it was a miracle and it was thanks to the prayers of St. Marmina and Pope Kirolos the Sixth and Father Faltaos.

I went back to Al Sourian monastery and met Father Faltoas to tell him about everything. Surprisingly he knew everything about my tumor and how it was behind my right eye (even though I didn’t tell him this much detail.) Then he started to explain how the surgery would have never ended well explaining each and every specific detail so professionally. I was in awe. He prayed for me and fared me well.

May this Saint’s holiness always dwell upon us. Amen.

The cross-eyed boy

Author: Mr. Habib Moris – Shobra – Cairo

I got married in 1995; I thank God for blessing me with a wife (Amal) and two wonderful children. In 1996 (Viola) my first child was born and in 1999 my second child (Fady) followed. Unfortunately both of my kids were faced with a disease that we happened to discover, which is long sight that could lead to partial cross-eyes. Both children were forced to wear medical eyeglasses, something we were not happy with but we thanked God and left all troubles in his hands. We had common follow ups with Dr. Samia Nashed, in her clinic at Shobra Street in front of the secondary school Al-Tawfikya. Her follow-ups were based on performing exams that would then help her pick the rightful glasses.

One day during 2003’s winter, we went to visit the monastery of Virgin Mary Al-Sourian, once we took the blessings of the place and its saints we passed by and sat with one of the monks we knew; during that time my daughter was seven and my son was four.

Whilst out stay, a car stopped beside us and an old monk got out, the monk we sat with, quickly rushed us and said “go take the blessings of that saintly monk (father Feltaoos). I haven’t heard of him before, but I quickly caught up with that saint whom looked like he was rushing or even flying like a dove. As I approached him with my son in my hands I begged and said “we need your blessings father” but he never looked back so I insisted by saying “My son is cross eyed, and uses medical glasses” I got no response. Within a blink of an eye, still speed walking, father Feltaoos took his hands out and touched my sons face particularly his eyes without uttering a word.

We felt peace and continued our day in the monastery. Within days, we noticed our child agitated by his glasses; he even refused to wear them, in response we took him to Dr. Samia who formed her usual exams on (Fady). She quickly glazed at me and asked, “What happened to your son?” I replied, “ What is wrong Doctor?” whom answered “The test I just put your son through is far different from the records I hold, your son’s eyes are perfectly normal and without harm, and he definitely doesn’t need these glasses any more, so please explain to me what happened?”

I smiled and said “thank God, we travelled to the Monastery of Al-Sourian and took the blessings of the virgin Mary and her son Father Feltaoos Al-Souriani” I explained to her what happened. Everyone was sure of the miracle that occurred, and since then my son has no need for eyeglasses; thanks to the healing touch of the saint father Feltaoos Al-Souriani.

May his blessings be with us all Amen.

Curing of an eye disease

Author: Dr. M.B.G – Ashmoon – Monofeya

My dad was struck with an eye disease, and accordingly the doctors decided on an immediate surgical operation. Unfortunately the operation worsened my dad’s eyes, and he was no longer able to see as clearly as before. He was devastated both physically and emotionally.

One day on a visit to the Monastery of the Virgin Mary A-Sourian, I met the saint father Feltaoos Al-Souriani and took his blessings and told him what had happened to my dad’s eyes, the surgery he undertook and his weakened vision.

Within no time father Feltaoos took out a bottle of anointed oil and started a long prayer and said, “take this oil and place it upon your dad’s eyes and in God’s will all will be great”. I took his blessing and left the monastery filled with hope for the cure of my dad’s eyes.

As soon as my dad placed the oil onto his eyes, a miracle occurred instantly. My dad’s eyes opened and were completely healed, not only that but his vision had became even better than before the surgery.

We were all happy and thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for my dad’s healing, thanks to the prayer of father Feltaoos Al-Souriani. May his blessings be with us all Amen.

The baby with pneumonia

Author: Mr. Emad Aziz – Al-Zakazik

In 29/12/2003 the Lord granted us a beautiful girl, that we named “Monica”, however within two weeks of her birth, we found her to have unsteady and fast paced breathing as well as her hands and feet tips and around her mouth regularly turn blue. Alarmed and feared for the child’s life, we took no time to visit the hospital, there the doctors decided to put her on the oxygen machine due to the decrease of oxygen level in her body; she was diagnosed with “pneumonia” and was given many antibiotics for the duration of two months.

After that we returned to the hospital to conduct a CT scan on the girl, the results showed that her heart was much larger than usual, therefore, an echo on the heart was performed with brought us devastating news of how bad the situation really is. Only 22% of her heart muscle was functioning, what worse was the impossibility of performing surgery due to her weakness and the diagnosed medication could be affectless. If that wasn’t enough, the doctors warned us from the dangers of movement (crawling) and crying as well as the impossibility of marriage.

Whenever we felt our daughter’s breathing at unease, we would rush her to either the hospital at Al-zakazik or the one at Cairo to be put under the oxygen machiene. A (Caniola) machine was attached to her to help her breath, give her the needed injections and to strengthen her immune system as well as perform a CT scan on the heart every now and then. All of that put our daughter Monica through agony and pain and all we could do is watch her suffer.

After a full year of medications, hospitals and scans, we came across father Feltaoos Al-Souriani at Saint Maria’s center in Cairo. There we took his blessings, asked for his prayers for Monica and explained in detail her disease’s history. Father Feltaoos placed his hands upon our daughter’s head and commenced prayer for almost fifteen minutes, during which Monica’s entire body kept shaking and shivering, and said “do not fear my brother, for her mother Saint Mary will bring her cure”. He gave me anointed oil in a bottle and said “rub the oil on her heart”, we then left feeling peaceful and unworried after a blessing encounter.

A while after, we performed for the last time an echo on her heart, only to realize that the results portray obvious improvement on the heart muscle. Her development kept increasing until it reached 69% of heart function, (with the normal of 70% of a normal child of her age); God provided her with a brand new heart.

What’s strange was that the doctor, named Wael Abdel Aal, who performed all the scans on Monica and found sudden improvement, said “this is my all means a miracle, it was not a doctor who prescribed good medication nor a mother who followed doctors orders, but it is the hand of God”. We thanked the lord who brought cure to our daughter Monica, and prevented further pain and treatments from in and out of the hospitals. We are currently very happy for her perfect health. Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and the prayers of father Feltaoos Al- Souriani who healed her.

May their blessings be with us all Amen.

The blind receive their sight

Author: Mrs. Georgette Farid George – Alexandria

I worked as a social insurance specialist, at a company named matabee Moharam Bek AL-Senaeya, with all seriousness, honesty and faithfulness because I loved that kind of work, which helped everyone. And based on that I received many upgrades and bonuses in my career until God allowed me to go through sickness. In 10/10/1989 my eyes were hit with a sudden disease that caused me to partially lose my eye sight, which the doctors later diagnosed me with “severe glaucoma, degeneration of the optic nerve, astigmatism and eye cataracts.”

I underwent two eye surgeries to treat the glaucoma but didn’t improve my situation. Because my job was based on the well being of the eyes, I consulted a group of eye specialist brought to me by the company I worked in, there they concluded that I will not be able to see and therefore will not be able to work. Once I went through early retirement my eyes deteriorated, the optic nerves were severely destroyed. I had lost 9/10 of my right eye’s vision and 8/10 in my left eye’s vision. Because of the severity, all doctors lost hope in treating my case and refused to do further operations, scared that they might take away what vision I have left.

I couldn’t do anything but rely on my God Jesus Christ through prayer. One day me and a friend of mine went to the Monastery of Al-Sourian, there we met father Feltaoos Al-Souriani, and begged that he would pray for the healing of my eyes. He place his hand on top of my head and said “Go my sister to the Doctor and make him perform an eye surgery and in God’s will you will be healed” but I contradicted him by saying, “my Father, the doctors have done all they could without effect, and refused to conduct further surgeries”. But Father Faltaous repeated himself in a rigid voice and assured me of the return of my vision.

In great confusion I returned to Dr. Alaa Alzowawi, relying on no one but God and the hope the monk gave me. Once the first operation was done, the astonishment for everyone was clear, my vision returned 6/6, what’s more was the improvement of it. Previously I wasn’t able to see except for in front of me but now I can see sideways and the case of sever glaucoma was there no more. When the doctors placed me under supervision for three months, of which I didn’t use any eye droplets, they marveled at how my one of a kind case was quickly improving and decided to conduct a second surgery for the other eye.

Accordingly the second surgery was a great success – the vision in my other eye also became 6/6 which astounded the doctors. I was able to see normally once again thanks to the Lord’s compassion for “I was once blind but now I see”, through the prayers of the saint Fr. Faltaous Al-Souriani.

May his blessings be with us all Amen.

He cures even his fellow monks

The story here is told by one of the monks:

For weeks I had sever back pain (in the back bone) that kept decreasing until one day I woke up in the middle of the night from the agony and discomfort of my back. I found myself paralyzed unable to move any part of my body, I screamed for any monk’s help within the neighboring cells but no one heard me, and I was left all alone to suffer.

I called upon my mother the Holy Virgin Mary, as well as my father saint Feltaoos Al-Souriani because I knew his level of holiness and his place between the saints.

In no time, I felt a sudden relief, the extraction of pain from my body and my ability to easily move. I have been heeled thanks to the holy Virgin Mary and through the prayers of the father Feltaoos Al-Souriani.

What’s extraordinary was within the next day; father Feltaoos accompanied by other monks came to my visit, so I asked his holiness for his prayers and oil anointment and explained to him the pain I passed through the previous night. He replied by saying “ My brother you have been healed thanks to holy virgin Mary, you had an acute disc prolapse at the Atlanta-axial and coccyx vertebrates, but now you have been totally healed.” He then blessed me and walked in peace; I couldn’t be any happier.

A while later I came across another monk who told me that he met father Feltaoos accompanied by the holy Virgin Mary for his healing because of his agonizing pain in the lonely night; begging for their help. Father Feltaoos then told him that, “the Virgin Mary is the one responsible for his healing”.

Astonished as I was with what had happened and what I’ve heard, I thank God for my great health. Ever since, I have never had any episodes of back pain thanks to the holy Virgin Mary and his holiness Fr Faltaous, May their blessings be with us all Amen.

The monk cured from kidney failure

The same father continues by saying: I have been suffering from kidney failure for a while now, and have gotten many episodes of kidney comas in 2007, particularly during the holy feast of the ascension and the feast of the resurrection.

One day I visited the cell of one of the elderly monks, there I found father Feltaoos Al-Souriani, so I asked of him to pray for my healing from the reoccurring kidney comas. Due to his great fatherly love, he prayed and anointed my head with holy oil, I then went back happily to my cell.

I thank God that till this day I haven’t gone under any comas, all thanks to the pure father Feltaoos.

May his blessings be with us all Amen.

Skin diseases flee from his prayers

Author: Mr. H. N –Sobk Aldahak -Monofeya

My mother was struck with a skin disease that was visible on her hands, which very much upset her. Subsequently we took her to many doctors who each gave her different remedies but without an effect.

So I took my mother to the great monastery of AL-Sourian, there we found many surrounding father Feltaoos pleading for his prayers. Therefore I took my mother and headed his way asking him to pray for my mother and anoint her with oil to which he refused. As much as we were unhappy, we waited for God’s mercy with un-lost hope.

Because we knew a monk at the monastery, we pleaded for him to help us reach the saintly father for my mum’s healing.

The monk headed us to Father Feltaoos begging the saint to pray for my mother whom he responded to “go and get her brother”. So Fr Faltaous prayed for my mother, blessed her and anointed her with holy oil and said, “it has be done sister, when you return home, wash your hands and you will be better than ever”. My mum was flying with happiness and we were all full of hope that she will be healed. We prayed and thanked the monk who led us to the saint, thereafter, we stayed one full day at the monastery and left the next.

When we reached home, my mother implemented what the father had asked of her, and shortly after a miracle had occurred. Her hands were totally cured and her health was regained.

We were all happy and thanking Jesus Christ our Lord, who blessed us with my mother’s healing, thanks to the saint father Feltaoos Al-Soriani. May his blessings be with us all Amen.

The Virgin Mary wants you at her church

Author: The Servant/ M.M.GH     Alexandria

I currently serve at the church of The Virgin Mary. When I started helping at the church, I fell in love with it; I wished to become a nun and give all my life to serving so that my entire time is dedicated to God ad his children. Hence I told my father of confession about my wishes which he very much accepted and advised me to visit a lot of serving houses.

And so I started going to many nunneries until one day I had an appointment with one of the fathers responsible for the house whom agreed and accepted me as a servant to the Lord. I commenced heavy prayer straight after, begging the Lord to show me his will in my life, the way to the serving path and to know if this is suitable for me or not.

Soon after I went to church to meet one of its servants, he wanted a book about (decorative plants) which I had brought with me. He informed that he will be traveling to the monastery of Al-Baramos and give it to one of the monks who needed it; I felt happy that I could be of help.

The servant soon after met me once he returned, and gave me many blessings from the monk he met. As he gave me anointed oil and pictures of saints he said “these blessings are brought to you from father Feltaoos Al-Souriani”. I hadn’t known this saintly father before, nevertheless I was extremely happy with all the blessings he gifted me. I was astonished at how father Feltaoos knew me well even though we had never met; moreover he informed the servant that I should visit the monastery to meet him. I was overjoyed and honored to meet such a saint.

In no time a trip for my family, that servant and me was prepared to visit the monastery of the Syrians, to agree that saintly father. During the night before we travelled, I felt severe abdominal pain and had a very high body temperature. Because of the late hour and my sleeping family members, I decided not to wake anyone. Instead I got the anointed oil sent to me from the saintly father Feltaoos and rubbed it all over my stomach and head whilst saying “if the father is really a saint, he will surely heal me quickly.”

I slept deeply after what had happened. Within my sleep I saw someone wearing a black galabeya with a hat on his head, his face was brightly lit and said to me, “What is wrong my sister? Do not be afraid you will be healed”, he then rubbed the anointed oil on my forehead and disappeared.

I woke up the following morning full of energy without a trace of pain or temperature. I kept thinking of that dream I had and whom had appeared to me and why that person had no crosses on his clothes, hat or chest and whether he is really a monk or a devil. I had totally forgotten what I had said prior sleeping (that if he really was a saintly father he will heal me) and here I was entirely cured; and here I was not believing in the monk and questioning whether he was a monk or the devil. All of this conversion was within my self I hadn’t told anyone at all.

Once we arrived at the monastery taking all its blessings from its saints and Mother Mary, the servant to us to meet the father whom we hadn’t known yet. We met Father Feltaoos, who was sitting in greetings room on the second floor, and took his blessings. When it was my turn to greet that saint he suddenly rebuked me loudly saying, ”Get out of here, so you are calling me a devil”.

I ran out feeling scarred and embarrassed with every family member looking at me, puzzled at what had happened for two reasons. The first was that I hadn’t told them what had happened the previous night and the second was that I had never met that monk before. Everyone kept asking me, “how dare you call a monk a devil?” but I kept my silence and non-stop tears from the astonishment I was in.

Because father Feltaoos is a loving and caring man, he re-invited me. As I sacredly walked in, he smilingly said to me, “how are you feeling, are you healed?” I instantly replied “yes father” as I remembered yesterday’s dream and the beautiful angelic lit face I saw. I asked the fathers “Are you the one that appeared to me last night and rubbed my head with anointed oil?” He replied with “Yes I am the one”.

He rebuked me once more saying “So you call me a monk?” As sorry as I was I replied, “Forgive me father”, which he said “May God forgive you sister”. I sat quietly, looking deeply into his saintly, bright lit face, until I noticed that was the exact same person with the exact same clothes that came to me last night to cure me.

I found the saint talking to me about my life without him knowing anything about me and said to me, “You want to be a nun?” To which I replied, “Yes father”. He continued our conversation as if he saw exactly what had happened and said, “As you went to that place, and met that responsible father?” I said “Yes father, what do you think of this path?” I was convinced that God was speaking to me and showing me His way in my life through the words of this father.

Father Feltaoos said to me “No no…. The Virgin Mary wants you at her church, don’t leave her”, I replied “Can I go to another place by the name of the Virgin Mary to stay?” He strongly scolded me and repeated him self again saying, “I told you that the Virgin Mary wants you at her church, but you are free to do as you wish” and repeated himself once again “I am telling you sister the Virgin Mary wants you, listen to me”.

Because I felt that his voice was a message from God to me, I implemented every word I was told. I currently serve at the church of the Virgin Mary. All the thanks is due to the Lord Jesus Christ who healed me through the prayers Father Feltaoos Al-Souriany

May their blessings be with us all Amen.

Even cancer is defeated

The same servant continues by saying: Before my mother (S.G.M) died from cancer, she was suffering from its severe pains; this upset all of us, because all we could do is sit and watch. Because of her age (76) she wasn’t able to bare the pain, but her children and grandchildren prayed for her healing constantly so that the Lord may have mercy upon her. As detailed as all her family knew about her disease, we didn’t inform her of her cancer due to her sensitive being.

The doctors regularly checked on her, and prescribed her with chemotherapy which she took at home. It has been known that if God didn’t have a hand in curing that type of disease, death would be the end to its patient.

One day I took my nephew and traveled to the monastery of the Syrians, hoping to find Father Feltaoos Al-Souriani, to ask him to pray for my mother. Unfortunately we were informed that he doesn’t go out of his cell during that time. Therefore my nephew found his way to his cell to beg for the saint’s prayers for my mother.

Because of Father Feltaoos’s kindhearted nature, he met my nephew and gave him plenty of anointed oil whilst saying “Take the oil and get your grandmother to run her entire body with it twice in the morning and at night and she won’t feel pain anymore” then he blessed him and left him in peace.

After our return back home, we gave my mother the oil and informed her of what the monk told us. She was overjoyed and with pure faith kept rubbing the oil on herself twice daily as told. Straight after she started using the oil, she since felt no pain till her death, as instructed by the saintly father. We thanked our Lord Jesus Christ who decreased her pain and gave her endurance and peace till the very end. Thanks to Father Faltaous Al-Souriani. May his blessings be with us all Amen.

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