Miracles related to infertility issues

Last updated: 9:53 pm, 30/08/2022

Find icons and images of the saints related in these stories by searching their names here. If you can’t find them, try using the most informative word of their titles e.g. only their first names e.g. Fr Tadros, Kyrillos, Mina, Makarios, etc.

These are certain very blessed people in Egypt to visit who are known for their great holiness and saintliness and ability to perform miracles – according to the will and permission of God. For some of these people, I have heard a little about them (usually from reputable sources), whilst some are very well known and revered.
> Fr Paula (very famous) of Ibyar, near Tanta
> Mother Safina in St Abu Seifein’s convent in Old Cairo
> Mother Edrosis the Abbess of Prince Tadros’ convent near or at I believe Harwet El Rom
> Fr Bishoy (very famous) of St Paul’s monastery
> Bishop Ammonios who lives in the inner parts of St Bishoy’s monastery
> Fr Raphael (very famous) of St Mina’s monastery, Mariot near Alexandria
> Fr Ibrahim Abdo (very famous) in I think a church named after St Mina located either in Cairo or Alexandria
> Fr Hedra Anba Hedra who serves somewhere in Upper Egypt
> Fr Lazarus the Antonian who lives at St Anthony’s cave in the mountain above his monastery
> Fr Barsoum of Tanta

One can also visit the countless shrines of saints and martyrs in Egypt to pray fervently for something dear to their hearts.

Listen here. I know the old age argument, “Don’t go looking for miracles, yada, yada” and even those closest you will think you are stupid because you are seeking a miracle, and they’ll discourage you. I think if you have burning desire for a certain goal esp. the great joy of having children in a marriage, then DON’T EVER give up. Some miracles here were received after more than a decade of pursuit. Only stop searching for a miracle for your very important goal – which you generally find it very unbearable to live with day-to-day and you are not being unreasonable or greedy e.g. “God grant me another child because I can’t bear” but you have 5 kids already – only if you meet a doubtlessly and widely acknowledge clairvoyant elder who tells you in very clear term, “God’s will is for you to endure this. You have to accept it. No miracle will ever happen”, which does sometimes happen.

But one should know exactly what’s an important goal VS not-so-important. Some things I deem as important goals, worthy of years of pains, efforts, labors and sufferings to try to achieve, and the seeking of miraculous divine assistance whether by personal prayer at home, or by praying at holy monasteries and sites, or visiting holy living men and women of God, alongside trying to achieve the goal in a natural normal human way as well, are: knowing if it’s God’s will for you to be a monastic or get married, healing and saving a fractured marriage, finding a godly and suitable spouse, healing from serious and debilitating health issues, healing from serious and debilitating addictions, and giving birth to children.

P.S. I don’t personally relate to the topic of this article, but battle a different issue.

Everything is completed by the Holy Trinity
Mr Fakhri Azer Mancarious of 3 Ashraf St, Tanta tell us: After six years of marriage God had not give us any children. My wife was treated by many gynecologists, but neither medication nor radiology could mend the deformity in my wife’s procreative system. Then we heard of Pope Kyrillos’ sanctity and the miracles performed through his prayers. We went to see him at the Patriarchate in Cairo, where he placed his hands over our heads and prayed. When he finished his prayers he said “God willing this day of next year the two of you will be three and everything is completed by the Holy Trinity.” Before we left, he added that the child would be a male, and asked us to name him Mena. We gave thanks to the Lord who worked through the Pope’s prayers, giving us a son at the exact date predicted by His Holiness.

Ref: The Miracles of Pope Kyrillos VI, Volume II, page 17

You will have John!
Mrs Demiana from Ismaliya recorded the following: In September 1986, I visited the Monastery of Abba Antony and there met Father Tadros the Antonian. I told him that I had been married for ten years but was not able to have children, and so asked him for his prayers. Father Tadros prayed for me deeply after which he said I will have a child and will name him ‘John’. After one month of having visited the Monastery and asking for Father Tadros’ prayers, I fell pregnant, and in time brought forth ‘John’, just as the saintly father had foretold.

Ref: The garden of Abba Antony, p. 151

Jerusalem pilgrimage
Someone told me that he personally knew a couple who went to Jerusalem, and prayed at some holy site there, and they were able to have children, after many years of not having any.

10 yrs infertility finished!
Mrs Farial Rizk and Mr George Bishay Kamel from Luxor, recall the wonder granted to them: We were married for more than ten years, and although we visited many specialists in Cairo, Assuit, Qena, and Luxor, it seemed that there was going to be no hope for us to have children. In 1989, we decided to visit the Monastery of Abba Antony to take its blessings. At the same time, we met Father Tadros, and as I sat next to him, I cried and begged for his prayers so that God can grant me children, for the doctors provided no hope. Immediately Father Tadros prayed deeply asking for the intercessions of Abba Antony so that, ‘God would grant me Mariam, Paul and Antony’. Confident of Father Tadros’ prayers, I fell pregnant. During my pregnancy, I had purposed in my heart to call my daughter by a different name, however, when the time for delivery came, there were many complications, and so realizing our fault, we cried out saying, “Her name will be Mariam!”, and immediately the labour pains began and we had our first child.

Ref: the garden of abba antony, p. 151-2

An extract from the life of St Mina
Euphemia went to church and saw women in state of joy and delight carrying their children. She stood contrite before the icon of the Lord’s mother, raised her heart, wept, and pleaded deeply with the Lord Jesus to give her children. While she was praying, she heard a voice coming from the icon of the Lord Jesus, as He was cradled in the arms of His mother, St. Mary the Holy Virgin, saying: “Amen, Mena.” She rejoiced and went home to tell her husband Eudoxius about what had happened. His heart was filled with great joy.

“Never forgets his children”
Mrs A.B.M from Ismalia relates: I experienced eight miscarriages since my marriage in 1979, twelve years ago. Though several specialists checked me, they could not determine the reason. I turned to the saints for consolation and came to know Pope Kyrillos, a man of miracles, who never forgets his children. In July 1990, I implored Pope Kyrillos as I meditated on his picture over my bed, to intercede before God so I could have a baby and I would name it Kyrillos. While sleeping, I saw this picture abundantly dripping oil and I took some of it and liberally rubbed it over my body. I felt reassured and within a month I became pregnant. The pregnancy proceeded smoothly and on March 21, 1991 I was gifted with a son, Kyrillos. I will always be reminded of what the Lord has done for me through His saints.

Ref: “I am the way” (John 14:6), p. x

“Do you have any children?”
During one of His Grace Bishop Makarios’ visits to Hurgada, a non-Christian woman who had seen HG visiting other homes invited him over saying, “Come Your Grace, come, visit me and bless me as you bless your children.” HG heeded her request and visited her house. He asked for a cup of water, prayed on it, and sprinkled the entire house, as he was accustomed to doing. Then HG asked her, “Do you have any children?” She replied, “I have none and I have been married for 19 years.” So HG told her, “On this very day next year, you will be carrying your son Ibrahim.” As he foretold, God gave the woman the fruit of the womb, namely, Ibrahim, at the same time HG had indicated.

Ref: The Life & Miracles of Bishop Makarios of Qena (1991) – book 1.pdf

Check out the 2nd edition of this saint’s miracles here, which contain some accounts related to infertility.

Soon a beautiful baby
A servant from the church of St. Mary in Al Amiriya shares the following experience: During Fr. Mina’s last visit to Al Amiriya, he asked me about one of the girls he used to serve while he was here. I related to him that she was in need of deep prayers; she and her husband attempted many times to conceive, and yet they could not. Their doctors also told them that there was little to no chance of conception, and it left them in a state of constant sadness. He smiled at me and promised, “No, do not worry. Very soon she will bear a beautiful little baby.” Within mere days of Fr. Mina’s travelling to Paradise, I received news that she had become pregnant.

Ref: A Spring in Sinai: Hieromartyr Mina Abood: His Life, Miracles, and Martyrdom (Anthony Marcos)

Why another heartache?”
Sister Mariam shared the following miracle, sent to her by a European woman who remains anonymous:

I lost my daughter three years ago while pregnant and had to deliver her stillborn and then bury her. Since then, the pain of her loss has been so great. Also, since that time, my husband and I have been trying to have another child. I would get pregnant and then miscarry very early. This happened three times over two years.

Then we tried IVF, where the doctor told me it would be very difficult to get pregnant because my eggs are very few, and their quality is bad. We tried it anyway, I got pregnant and then miscarried again. Due to the hormones I was on, I developed clots in my lungs and was in the intensive care unit for a few days. The doctors told me I would have to be on blood thinners for a long time. I gave up all hope of having another baby and said that this was God’s will. Six months later I learned that I was pregnant again. In my mind, I knew what would happen, but in my heart, I felt that this may be my miracle. The pregnancy was going well, then 2 months later I started to bleed and developed an infection.

I cried to God and asked Him, “Why? Why another heartache?”

I fell asleep and saw a priest standing at the back of a church waiting to greet me. He was dressed in his liturgical tunic and had a smile on his face. I approached him and told him in Arabic “Abouna [i.e. Father] pray for me. I’m …”

He did not let me finish my sentence, and replied in Arabic with a beautiful comforting smile, “You’re pregnant. Yes, I know. Do not be afraid.” I quickly woke up and told my husband what I saw.

He asked me who the priest was, I told him, “I don’t know, I’ve never seen him before.” A few days later, I was on Facebook and suddenly saw the picture of this priest. Someone from my church had posted it. Tears quickly came to my eyes and I ran to my husband and told him, “This is him! This is the priest I saw in my dreams!”

I don’t know how to read Arabic very well, so I asked my husband to read who he was and about him. It was the saint and martyr Fr. Mina Abood! That week the bleeding stopped, and the infection cleared with antibiotics. The doctors said everything looked perfect.

He became my intercessor for the entire pregnancy. If there was any doubt, any pain, any medication for the clots and for the diabetes I had to take, and when I fell at the end of the pregnancy, I asked for his help. And then finally, a few weeks ago, God granted me mercy and I gave birth to our miracle baby Cyril (Kyrillos) Mina. I thank God for introducing me to this great saint, whom I didn’t know. May Fr. Mina protect us always and watch over us.

Ref: Marcos, Anthony. A Spring in Sinai: Hieromartyr Mina Abood: His Life, Miracles, and Martyrdom in Post-Revolution Egypt (p. 139). St. Mary & St. Moses Abbey Press. Kindle Edition.

The power of the Cross: A miracle of twins | Elder Nikon of Mount Athos | Elder Ephraim of Arizona

The seriousness of abortion
A certain couple was married in February 1959 and the wife became pregnant soon after. Their relatives convinced them to have an abortion since they were still young and not ready for the responsibility. Because they were far from God, they were easily convinced of the idea and the wife had the abortion.  Later, they longed to have a child but could not. Even after seeing many doctors, there was no change. In 1962, a friend advised them to go see St. Pope Kyrillos VI.  They went to see the Pope and knelt down before him, telling him their story. He said, “Don’t you know that what you did is a great sin? It is murder, how could you do that? May the Lord forgive you but you have to repent. You have to offer a truthful penitence to God and fast for three days.” They then asked him to pray for them the Absolution. He did, blessed them, and said, “You will have children soon.”  Nine months after seeing the Saint, the wife gave birth to twins.

Ref:  All That I Have Is Yours: 100 Meditations with St. Pope Kyrillos VI on the Spiritual Life (Fr Kyrillos Ibrahim)

Issam – one of the 21 martyrs of Libya
A childless Muslim woman came to Issam’s mother for help – local Muslims often ask their Coptic neighbors to pray for them: “Your God listens to prayers and works wonders.” She gave the woman one of Issam’s shirts. Maybe the woman wore it when she lay with her husband – who knows? In any case, after fifteen infertile years, she became pregnant twice while in possession of the shirt.

Ref: The 21 – A journey into the land of Coptic Martyrs (Martin Mosebach), p. 90 – 91

The hope of the saintly Hegumen Fr Girgis Nasrallah (1932)
God had allowed for Hegumen Girgis to taste of the sweetness of carrying the cross and in the partaking of various sufferings. For every child of his would die after the other, either after birth or after baptism and some before birth, numbering twenty children. He was always repeating “let it be according to Your will, my God”, and “the Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” He did not despair one day, nor was he wavered, and instead would console his wife asking her to submit to the desire and will of God. Truly he carried his cross in joy and faithfulness. Finally, having waited patiently for a long period of time, God permitted to give him his only blessed son, the virtuous Archdeacon Mr. Adeeb; father of our saint Mother Mariam.

Ref: The virgin mary and Fr Girgis Nasrallah | Chapter 1: The life of Mother Mariam before monasticism

The miracles of the modern saintly Coptic bishop of Jerusalem (2015)
Video begins at the point where a nun speaks about his infertility-related miracles. Praying at his shrine would be a blessing!

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