Fr Faltaous El Souriany · Saints · St Kyrillos VI

Why we honour the saints and martyrs?

Fr. Faltaous tells us, ‘After my return from St. Mina’s Monastery, during Pope Cyril VI life in the flesh, he used to visit me in spirit on a regular basis. He wanted to check up on me and to encourage me to continue to persevere throughout my monastic life. He also came to guide and monitor me and he gave me various spiritual lessons. In the year 1963, when I was in my cell, Pope Cyril opened the door to my seclusion chamber and he stood in front of me. In his hand he held a brightly illuminated cross and his face was also very illuminated and angelic. So I immediately stood up and I prostrated myself in front of him (I did a metania), and he said to me, ‘Come, son, let’s go to church…’ So I went with him, and when we entered the church, he bowed down in front of the altar and so did I. He then headed towards the relics of the saints that are present in the monastery’s church, and he said, ‘We honor those martyrs and saints because of their fragrant stories and their sincere perseverance for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and on behalf of their perfect love for Him as well as their steadfastness in Him.’ I on the other hand prostrated myself in front of him once again and then he blessed me and wished me well, after which he disappeared.

Ref: Fr Faltaous El Souriany – His life and miracles (Part I), p. 79-80 (pdf index)

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