How many of us are ready to defend our Church?

How many of us are ready to defend our Church? Are we ready to die? It’s easy to say the words but can we truly follow through with actions?

This incident occurred in a village south of Luxor in Upper Egypt.

There was a new Church in the area built from bricks and mud and had a wooden roof. Muslim terrorists decided to attack it by putting a fire through it to burn the wooden roof and then use water to put out the fire so the mud & bricks would collapse.

Kamal, one of the church’s sons, rushed to defend the Church against the attackers. He was very aware that he could die in defending the Church and was willing to give his life for the Church. He told the others, “Let me die so that the Church survives.” They tried to encourage him to leave but he wouldn’t.

In the end, the terrorists attacked the church and Kamal, brutally murdered him with machetes and clubs. Kamal was martyred defending his Church.

For people like Kamal, defending the Church was not an option; it was a compelling decision to give one’s life tbr Christ and His place of worship. These people knew that their blood is the price they have to pay for the Church to continue in Egypt. May we, in the western world, not let it flow in vain!