It doesn’t matter how many Coptic churches get burnt down

Bishop Bemen recounts a time when he was praying in a Church in Alexandria when a small girl came up to him to greet him. She told him that her mum, dad, and sister were all martyred in the bombings of the Saints Church in Alexandria and she was left with her other sister.

She was a very happy and proud child, at peace, truly believing that she is not alone and that her family is in a better place.

When asked if these events have been too much to handle as a Church, Bishop Bemen confidently says: “These events have been a source of blessing for thc Church and for the congregation. We haven’t stopped praying in any of the Churches that got burnt. The government has approved the rebuilding of the Churches that were burnt down. It turned out to be for the good of the Church. People are more encouraged, there is no giving up or any signs of depression among the people.”

Although they mourned the loss of loved ones, they were comforted in their heavenly rest, their attainment of crowns in heaven and had a divine peace that surpasses our worldly understanding.