Online resources

PDF resources

Google drive resources: PDF long and short books of biographies of saints and martyrs, the NKJV bible, books of Pope Shenouda, printable online articles, liturgical material, church history, past papers of the journal of the Coptic Church Review and more.

Icons & images: of saints from the beginning of time to ones that are currently living. Includes Eastern and Oriental Orthodox saints e.g. Coptic, Greek, Romanian, Serbian, you name it. Has > 2000 files.

Websites containing Orthodox written literature

Eastern Orthodox

Oriental Orthodox

  • Coptic Orthodox church network
  • Orthodox ebooks
  • Watani:  an Egyptian weekly Sunday newspaper published in Cairo. Watani is deeply dedicated to offer its readers high quality, extensive, objective, credible and well-researched media coverage, with special focus on Coptic issues, culture, heritage, and contribution to Egyptian society.
  • St Takla: St. Takla Haymanout Coptic Orthodox Website
  • Suscopts: the official website of the Coptic Orthodox Dioscese of the Southern United States.
  • Freedom Christianity
  • Treasures of the Coptic Orthodox Church in English: english translations of the sermons and homilies of ancient and modern elders of the Coptic Orthodox Church
  • Coptic news network (CNN): pioneer independent news information service network offered to Coptic Orthodox Christians and all interested followers.
  • Coptic Church review: pdfs of old editions of the Coptic Church Review – a scholarly journal dedicated to biblical studies, patristics, and the doctrines of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Out of all these websites my two favorite are the first two listed underneath the eastern orthodox heading. They have profound and extraordinarily well-written articles about almost any topic e.g. marriage, raising children, prayer, fasting, reading, martyrs, etc. Think of any topic you want and search for it in the search engines of those two websites and you are bound to find at least a few really high quality articles on the topic. Or if you don’t know what to read, just read any random article that sounds interesting from those two websites and that should feed you for the day.

I know that may sound anti-Coptic that my favorite Orthodox websites are Eastern Orthodox. But it’s hard, when you are busy in the day and life and you need a quick deep spiritual meal, to find something good if you are looking through many websites. Hence from experience, those two websites unfailingly provide me with profound, practical spiritual food that I can quickly retrieve and which transcends the boundaries between the Orthodox families.