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7 points of spiritual instructions by Mother Erene (Part IV)

With God we find peaceWith God and in God we find peace and joy. Sometimes, a person can be an enemy of himself when he is not at peace and is always upset and grumbling. He has no peace or love with God, so he sins and is consequently not at peace with his brothers… Continue reading 7 points of spiritual instructions by Mother Erene (Part IV)

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Lord of Glory: “She can put up with this tribulation, let her take more reward. I console her in other times.”

Indeed great is the Your power O God, and great are You in Your saints. Mother Erene saved our life and took us out of a deep pit. She saved us from great pains and complete darkness with the power of heaven. Thus the light of God shone upon us and defeated the powers of evil. I will tell you how God had mercy upon us and saved our daughter (Y.N.F) and restored to me, her father and the whole family, peace and joy after having lost the hope of seeing our daughter in a normal condition.

Mother Erene · Spiritual instructions

10 points of spiritual instructions by Mother Erene (Part III)

The Fathers (ancient saints) teach us how to unite to GodThe Fathers are like a living bible that has been put into practice and written with blood and struggle. We find in them both a book and a spirit; therefore walking in their way is a good foundation from which we drink and reach our… Continue reading 10 points of spiritual instructions by Mother Erene (Part III)

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Mother Erene’s interactions with the Greek Orthodox Church

The Greek Orthodox bishop who revered Mother EreneHis Grace Bishop Ereneaus was a Greek Orthodox bishop of Patara of Birmingham England until his retirement some time before 2009. His relationship with the Coptic Orthodox Church goes back to 1985 when he attended the opening of a Coptic Orthodox Church in London. He gave a moving… Continue reading Mother Erene’s interactions with the Greek Orthodox Church

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The kingdom of heaven is within you

Many times at night, when chanting the Psalmody and particularly when commemorating the saints, Tamav would find the cell expanding and filled with light. Then there would appear all the martyrs and saints headed by the Mother of God. They would continue chanting the Psalmody with her until the very end of it. We used… Continue reading The kingdom of heaven is within you

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A miracle seen by all the bystanders on the street!

Two days before the beginning of the fasting of Christmas - which coincided with the eve of the feast of St. Mena the wonder worker - I felt very exhausted as I was having a hypotension. On the following day, I was supposed to go for my kidney dialysis session. So at noon I phoned my mother, who lives in Shoubra Al-Khaima, and asked her to come over to my house in Al- Amereya to help me in some domestic work.

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The transfiguration of Mother Erene

Just as our Lord Jesus Christ took three of his disciples, Peter, James and John for retreat and prayer to the top of Mount Tabor, and there He was transfigured and seen in the uncreated light, so did a similar phenomena occur in the life of the venerable abbess, Mother Erene. In September 1996, Mother… Continue reading The transfiguration of Mother Erene