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Two St Kyrillos miracles for those who suffered long

Eng. Zarif Gayed Shehata from Cairo writes:  In 1971, I suffered from a severe allergy in my chest. I saw many specialized professors in medicine, and tried numerous medications, but without any improvement. My case was deteriorating, and I would have several asthma attacks in one day. The doctors did not know what else to do, and I was forced to live with these violent attacks, using several different medications and various inhalers.

Fr Faltaous El Souriany · Miracles

Fr Faltaous, St Mina and St George readjust a leaning building!

After much insisting, he said to us, ‘Something happened, God intervened with you and with this piece of land…’ He kept repeating this phrase multiple times, and then he said to us, ‘If I record exactly what is happening right now with regards to this building, everyone will think that I am crazy.’


Miracles related to infertility issues

A childless Muslim woman came to Issam’s mother for help – local Muslims often ask their Coptic neighbors to pray for them: “Your God listens to prayers and works wonders.” She gave the woman one of Issam’s shirts. Maybe the woman wore it when she lay with her husband – who knows? In any case, after fifteen infertile years, she became pregnant twice while in possession of the shirt.

Miracles · St Kyrillos VI

A 15 year headache cured!

Mrs. L.W.A., from Cairo relates: Over 25 years ago, I suffered from a chronic and severe migraine. I had seen many doctors of different specializations, including internal medicine, ophthalmologists, ENT’s, and others. I was sent for several diagnostic tests and X-rays. I was prescribed numerous medications, whether therapeutic or pain killers, and reached a point… Continue reading A 15 year headache cured!

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Miracles of the 21 martyrs of Libya performed for their village and families

The miracles didn’t stop, even after the massacre. The little son of Samuel (the elder) fell to the street from the third floor, and his arm was broken in several places. When he regained consciousness, he claimed his father had caught him, and a few days later his x-rays showed not a single fracture. Samuel’s… Continue reading Miracles of the 21 martyrs of Libya performed for their village and families

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How a mother’s fervent faith cured her autistic son

Admin: I posted this miracle before but I shortened the account from the book. This is the full version! It is a remarkable story of how fervent, tender, genuine, deep and constant prayer with tears, with a strong faith and hope in God, with patient and gentle perseverance, stemming from genuine heartfelt distress and deep… Continue reading How a mother’s fervent faith cured her autistic son

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Miraculous help in times of exams by the intercessions of recent Coptic saints

I compiled these list of miracles from various books about modern day Coptic saints. I hope this compilation may help people learn to rely on and fervently ask for the intercessions of the saints during stressful exam times. Not only during exam time, but to develop the habit of asking help from the saints during… Continue reading Miraculous help in times of exams by the intercessions of recent Coptic saints

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A selection of miracles of Fr. Faltaous El Souriany

Contents The mute speak and the paralysed walkThe woman with the brain tumorThe cross-eyed boyCuring of an eye diseaseThe baby with pneumoniaThe blind receive their sightHe cures even his fellow monksThe monk cured from kidney failureSkin diseases flee from his prayersThe Virgin Mary wants you at her churchEven cancer is defeated Taken and reformatted from… Continue reading A selection of miracles of Fr. Faltaous El Souriany

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Lord of Glory: “She can put up with this tribulation, let her take more reward. I console her in other times.”

Indeed great is the Your power O God, and great are You in Your saints. Mother Erene saved our life and took us out of a deep pit. She saved us from great pains and complete darkness with the power of heaven. Thus the light of God shone upon us and defeated the powers of evil. I will tell you how God had mercy upon us and saved our daughter (Y.N.F) and restored to me, her father and the whole family, peace and joy after having lost the hope of seeing our daughter in a normal condition.

Miracles · Mother Erene

A miracle seen by all the bystanders on the street!

Two days before the beginning of the fasting of Christmas - which coincided with the eve of the feast of St. Mena the wonder worker - I felt very exhausted as I was having a hypotension. On the following day, I was supposed to go for my kidney dialysis session. So at noon I phoned my mother, who lives in Shoubra Al-Khaima, and asked her to come over to my house in Al- Amereya to help me in some domestic work.