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A miracle seen by all the bystanders on the street!

Two days before the beginning of the fasting of Christmas - which coincided with the eve of the feast of St. Mena the wonder worker - I felt very exhausted as I was having a hypotension. On the following day, I was supposed to go for my kidney dialysis session. So at noon I phoned my mother, who lives in Shoubra Al-Khaima, and asked her to come over to my house in Al- Amereya to help me in some domestic work.

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Mother Erene’s presence stops a plane crash

In September 1995, our Mother boarded a small plane with three nuns and her spiritual son Mr Nabil Gendy who was a ground engineer. The plane took off from Cairo and was en route to the region of Agiba in Marsa Matrouh, a coastal city on the Mediterranean. Shortly after take off, the pilot attempted… Continue reading Mother Erene’s presence stops a plane crash