A list of amazing Orthodox articles I’ve read (and re-read) over the years

Will add more to this list. Some of these articles, at the time of my reading of them, provided me extraordinary spiritual nourishment. Of course, I believe there is always more joy and fulfillment in growing spiritually with others, hence we can try to share the knowledge we learnt with a friend afterwards, or reading it together at the same time and discussing, or whatever, or sending one of these links to a friend whom you think might need it.

Despair · General

“Don’t despair when you fall, but get up eagerly and do a metanoia”

I received your letter, my child, and I saw your anxiety. But don’t be sad, my child. Don’t worry so much. Even though you have fallen again, get up again. You have been called to a heavenly road. It is not surprising for someone running to stumble. It just takes patience and repentance at every moment Therefore, always do a metanoia when you are wrong and don’t lose time, because the longer you wait to seek forgiveness, the more you allow the evil one to spread his roots within you. Don’t let him make roots to your detriment.