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“The one who thankfully accepts sickness is on the same level as the martyrs”

A young lady known to the convent of St George in Old Cairo relates: I met Mother Anastasia (1996) for the first time in March 1994, at El Salaam Hospital. At that time, I was experiencing a very difficult psychological crisis. It was just after I found out that I had cancer in the blood cells (leukaemia). I was still doing many blood tests without even telling my family.

Fr Faltaous El Souriany · suffering

The heavenly glory of enduring tribulations

Once the fathers of the Sourian monastery wanted to ensure the wellbeing of Fr. Faltaous, especially because no one ever saw him, and they were worried about him living alone in such a desolate part of the monastery. They knew how difficult it must be to live in that daunting area, especially because they knew the extent of the fierceness and ruthlessness of the devils and their wiles – against any monk who longs to lead a solitary life dedicated to God.

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The heavenly glory of enduring abuse

I will tell you a true story from the late 1980s. It shows how the enduring of pains and trials gets us to heaven and earns us crowns and glory: A pious married lady who lived in one of the Cairo suburbs had two children, a boy and a girl, aged four and seven respectively. She loved God; so she used to pray, go to church, confess and take Communion. However, her husband was away from God. He was bad tempered and cruel.