Saints · St Abraam of Fayoum

An Englishman’s account of when he met St. Abraam of Fayoum

There is a man in Egypt whose name is unknown to the ruling class, and who is yet the most talked of and the most deeply venerated man in all the valley of the Nile. Although he is a Christian bishop he is just as much a saint of heaven to the Moslem as to the Christian; and the Christians who join in the daily crowd that seek his spiritual help and blessing number Copts and Greeks and Romans— the latter being by no means confined even to natives of Egypt.


St Didymus the blind: author, ascetic, theologian, dean & polymath

On this day also of the year 398 A.D (13th June, 6th Paone), the Coptic Orthodox Church commemorates the departure of St Didymus the Blind - a wonderful model of holy perseverance and discipline. He was the dean of the Theological School of Alexandria. He was born in the city of Alexandria in the year… Continue reading St Didymus the blind: author, ascetic, theologian, dean & polymath

Miracles · St Kyrillos VI

A 15 year headache cured!

Mrs. L.W.A., from Cairo relates: Over 25 years ago, I suffered from a chronic and severe migraine. I had seen many doctors of different specializations, including internal medicine, ophthalmologists, ENT’s, and others. I was sent for several diagnostic tests and X-rays. I was prescribed numerous medications, whether therapeutic or pain killers, and reached a point… Continue reading A 15 year headache cured!

St Kyrillos VI

When Pope Kyrillos laughed in the altar

St Menas, both personally and through his monastery, was a source of power and comfort for Kyrillos. At the monastery he received insight and inspiration for his method of reform, and, invariably, it was there that he would “solve” the problems of the Church—often in the most remarkable ways. One of Kyrillos’ closest deacons, a friend from his days at Old Cairo by the name of Professor Hanna Youssef Hanna, recollects attending Vespers at St Menas’ Monastery. During the doxologies, Kyrillos stood silently in the sanctuary. Suddenly he smiled widely and laughed.

Despair · General

“Don’t despair when you fall, but get up eagerly and do a metanoia”

I received your letter, my child, and I saw your anxiety. But don’t be sad, my child. Don’t worry so much. Even though you have fallen again, get up again. You have been called to a heavenly road. It is not surprising for someone running to stumble. It just takes patience and repentance at every moment Therefore, always do a metanoia when you are wrong and don’t lose time, because the longer you wait to seek forgiveness, the more you allow the evil one to spread his roots within you. Don’t let him make roots to your detriment.

Mother Erene · Spiritual instructions

7 points of spiritual instructions by Mother Erene (Part IV)

With God we find peaceWith God and in God we find peace and joy. Sometimes, a person can be an enemy of himself when he is not at peace and is always upset and grumbling. He has no peace or love with God, so he sins and is consequently not at peace with his brothers… Continue reading 7 points of spiritual instructions by Mother Erene (Part IV)

martyrdom · Miracles

Miracles of the 21 martyrs of Libya performed for their village and families

The miracles didn’t stop, even after the massacre. The little son of Samuel (the elder) fell to the street from the third floor, and his arm was broken in several places. When he regained consciousness, he claimed his father had caught him, and a few days later his x-rays showed not a single fracture. Samuel’s… Continue reading Miracles of the 21 martyrs of Libya performed for their village and families